How to Add Rich Formatting to Text in iPhone Mail

E-mail application on iPhone 6S Screen

cnythzl/Getty Images

Plain-text email doesn't always convey clearly what you're trying to say — largely because, like all forms of electronic communication, it lacks the nuance of face-to-face conversation. One way to add a little more expression to your message: Use rich text.

What's Rich Text?

Unlike plain-text formatting, rich text allows you to enhance your message by bolding, italicizing, and underlining words you'd like to emphasize.

How to Turn on Rich Text Formatting in iPhone Mail

You can make rich text the default for all messages in your iPhone mail by selecting Mail > Preferences > Composing. From there, choose Rich Text.

If you'd just like to change the format for your current message, select Format > Make Rich Text.

You can specify the format for your replies, too. In Mail > Preferences > Composing, choose Use the same message format as the original message.

Using Rich Text

To change the look of text in your message, select the text. A toolbar will appear, from which you can select B (bold), I (italics), U (underline), and various other formats to apply to your selected text.