How to Add Music to Windows Media Player 11

Import music to the app

Making a media library using Windows Media Player (WMP) can save you time when looking for the right song, genre, or album. It also offers other features, like making playlists, burning custom CDs, and more.

Windows Media Player 11 is an older version of the Microsoft application, so if you're still running this version, the guide below will help you get set up with your music collection in your WMP.

Have Windows Media Player 12?

If you have Windows Media Player 12, you can check out the tutorial on adding and removing music from Windows Media Player 12.

You can visit the Microsoft site to download the latest version of Windows Media Player.

How to Add Music to Windows Media Player

Open Windows Media Player 11 and select the Library tab to view the library section, where you will see playlist options in the left pane and categories such as artist, album, songs, etc. and can start adding music and other media types to your library.

  1. Select the small down-arrow icon situated underneath the library tab at the top of the screen.

  2. A drop-down menu will appear, giving you various options. Select Add to Library and set your media type to music.

  3. Windows Media Player gives you the option to select what folders you want to scan for media files — such as music, photos, and videos. The first thing is to see if you are in the advanced options mode by looking for the Add button.

    If you can't see it, then select Advanced Options to expand the dialog box.

  4. When you see the Add button, select it to add folders to the monitored folders list.

  5. Select the OK button to begin the process of scanning your computer for media files.

  6. After the searching process is complete, close the search dialog box by clicking on the close button.

  7. Your media library should now be built. Check this by selecting some of the options on the left pane. For example, choosing artist will list all the artists in your library in alphabetical order.

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