How to Add Money to Apple Pay

Keep cash in your Apple Pay Wallet

What to Know

  • Set up Apple Pay Cash: Tap Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Apple Cash and follow the instructions.
  • Add money: Open Wallet, tap Apple Pay Cash card > three horizontal dots > Add Money, enter amount and account, and tap Add.
  • Check balance: Open Wallet, tap Apple Pay Cash card > three horizontal dots. Under Add Money is your balance.

If you have an iPhone, Apple Pay is the easiest way to send money to other iPhone users and pay with your phone or Apple Watch. If you don't want to use a credit card with it, you can add money to the Apple Pay Cash card from a debit card.

How to Add Money to Apple Pay Cash

If you live in a supported country, this is how you add money to your Apple Pay Cash account.

Money can only be added to Apple Pay Cash for users in supported countries. While this feature will presumably roll out to more supported countries in the future, adding cash to Apple Pay can only be done in the United States.

  1. Make sure Apple Pay Cash is set up. Tap Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay, and tap the Apple Cash toggle to enable it. Follow the instructions to verify your identity.

    Settings, Wallet & Apple Pay, Apple Cash toggle on iOS
  2. An Apple Pay Cash card should be added to the Wallet app. Open the Wallet app and tap the Apple Pay Cash card.

  3. Tap the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner to access the Cash card settings.

  4. Tap Add Money and enter the amount to add to your card from the bank account associated with your Cash card. Choose an amount from the QuickBar at the top of the dial pad, or type in a custom amount. Tap the Add button.

    Three-dot menu, Add Money button, Add button in Apple Cash

    The bank account associated with the card can be seen on the same settings page and switched at any time.

How to Check Apple Pay Balance

If someone sent you money or you want to see the balance of you Apple Pay Cash card, it's displayed in the upper right hand corner of the Apple Pay Cash card so you can see it as soon as you open the Wallet app.

  1. Open the Wallet app and tap your Apple Pay Cash card.

  2. Tap the three horizontal dots in the upper right-hand corner to see the card settings.

  3. Displayed under the "Add Money" option is your balance.

    Apple Cash card in Wallet, Three dot menu, Balance display

What Are the Different Parts of Apple Pay?

There are three different parts of Apple Pay that you should be aware of in discussing how to add money to it.

  • Wallet app: appears on iPhones and iPads and is where Apple Pay and Apple Pay Cash reside.
  • Apple Pay: used to make online and contactless payments as simple as pushing a button to confirm it. Apple Pay uses an existing debit or credit card to pay businesses or for services.
  • Apple Cash: allows money to be sent from one person to another, stored in your digital account, and used for purchases anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. This is the part where you can add money to Apple Pay.
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