How to Add Hyperlinks to PDF Files

Enable hyperlinks in your portable document format files

What to Know

  • Create link in PDF file: Open PDF in editing software > select text or image > Edit > Link > Add.
  • Link to PDF on a website: Upload PDF to site > create hyperlink, making sure to use the .PDF file extension.
  • Link to PDF via WordPress: Add Media > Upload Files > Select Files > open PDF > add info > Insert into post.

This article explains how to add functional hyperlinks to PDF files and how to change the anchor text.

How to Create a Hyperlink in PDF Files

Most PDF editing apps or programs, such as Adobe Acrobat or Drawboard PDF, have the ability to add a hyperlink to PDF files. In almost all cases, the process for adding a hyperlink is the same and requires you to select your target text or image within the PDF file, then select the appropriate Edit > Link > Add menu options.

Sometimes the Edit option will be located within the Tools menu or section of the PDF app.

You can also add a hyperlink to a PDF file by creating a new project with a link in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and saving the file as a PDF instead of its default file format.

How to Link to a PDF File on a Website

While placing a hyperlink in PDF files can be an effective way to link to online content and direct the reader elsewhere, you can also link back to PDF files from a website or blog.

Linking to a PDF file from a web page can be useful when you need to link to a reference in a file or when you want to assist a reader in downloading a PDF file for offline usage.

The simplest way to link to a PDF file on a web page is to upload it to your website’s host, then create a hyperlink to it as you would any image or music file making sure to use the .PDF file extension.

If you enjoy coding websites from hand, you would use the usual hyperlink code as seen below.

Link to a PDF File on a Website or Blog Using WordPress

Here's how to link to a PDF file using WordPress:

  1. From the New Page or New Post page, select Add Media.

    The Add Media button in WordPress
  2. Select Upload Files.

    The "Upload Files" tab in Wordpress
  3. Choose Select Files.

    The Select Files button in Wordpress
  4. Locate your PDF file on your device and select Open.

    Adding a link to a PDF file on a WordPress website.

    This won’t open the PDF file, it will simply upload it to your WordPress site.

  5. Edit the Title, Caption, and Description fields, then select Insert into post.

    Description fields and the "Insert into post" button in Wordpress

    The text you enter into the Title field will be the text used for the hyperlink. You can edit this later if you like.

  6. A hyperlink will now be created linking directly to a copy of your PDF file hosted on your site. You can now add additional text and images before and after the link and finish creating the new post or page.

    Adding a link to a PDF file on a WordPress website.

Change the Anchor Text of a Hyperlink in PDF

Once created, the hyperlink text—called anchor text—will be set to the text you entered in the Title field during the upload process. To change this, do the following.

  1. Select the PDF hyperlink within WordPress.

    Adding a link to a PDF file on a WordPress website.
  2. Select Edit.

    The Edit button in Wordpress
  3. Select Link Options.

    The Link Options button in Wordpress
  4. In the Link Test field, type in your new hyperlink text.

    Adding a link to a PDF file on a WordPress website.

    Don’t edit the URL field as this will break the hyperlink to the PDF file.

  5. Select Update.

    Adding a link to a PDF file on a WordPress website.
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