How to Add Friends on Spotify

Find and connect with friends for a fun listening experience

When you follow friends on Spotify, you can use the desktop app's Friend Activity pane to see what they're listening to and listen along. You can also see what artists they follow and share their public playlists. There are a couple of ways to find friends on Spotify, depending on whether you want to connect your Spotify account to Facebook.

How to Turn on the Friend Activity Pane

If you can't see the Friend Activity pane on the desktop app, Spotify's program window might be too small, so you should make it larger. The program window needs to be at least 1190 pixels wide before the pane appears. If it’s still not visible, make sure it’s enabled in Settings.

  1. Select the menu arrow to the right of your account name.

  2. Select Settings.

    Settings menu item in Spotify
  3. In the Display Options section, select Show Friend Activity to turn it on.

    Show Friend Activity toggle ON

How to Find Friends on Spotify Using Facebook

The easiest way to find and add friends in Spotify is to connect your Spotify account to Facebook. You'll be able to easily find and follow any friends who have also connected Facebook and Spotify.

  1. Select the menu arrow to the right of your account name, then select Settings.

  2. In the Facebook section, select Connect to Facebook.

    Connect to Facebook button in Spotify
  3. Enter your Facebook email and password.

  4. Spotify will now request permission to post on your Facebook timeline. Choose who you'd like to be able to see these posts, then select OK.

  5. In the Friend Activity pane, select Find Friends.

  6. In the Follow window, select Follow for each friend you want to add to your Spotify account.

    Follow button in Spotify

How to Find Friends on Spotify Without Facebook

There are a lot of reasons why you might not be able to find and follow friends using Facebook. You might not use Facebook, you might not want to connect your Spotify account to Facebook, or you might want to add friends who aren’t using Facebook with Spotify. Whatever your reason, you can still follow friends without using Facebook at all.

If your friend’s name is unique, you can search for it directly. Type the name in the search box at the top of the desktop app, then press Enter. You may see it appear in the top results. If not, scroll down to Profiles, then select See All. You may be able to find your friend in the list.

Friend search field in Spotify

If your friend’s name is more common, that might not work; you will need their complete username instead. They probably won’t know their username (it’s not what appears at the top of the desktop app). Here’s how they can find it, both on the desktop and on on their phone.

How to Find Spotify Username on the Desktop App

  1. In the desktop app, select the username at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the three dots. In the menu that appears, select Share > Copy Profile Link.

    Three dot menu in Spotify profile
  3. Paste the profile link in an email or text message and send it to you.

How to Find the Username on the Mobile App

  1. Tap the gear icon at the top right of the screen.

  2. Tap View profile.

  3. Tap the three dots in the top right of the screen.

    Gear icon, View Profile button, three dot menu in Spotify mobile app
  4. Tap Share > Copy link.

    Share button, Copy Link button in Spotify mobile app
  5. Paste the profile link in an email or text message and send it to you.

How to Use the Username to Follow Your Friend

Now that your friend has sent you their username, you can use it to find and follow them in the Spotify app.

  1. When you get the link, it will look like this:

  2. The username is the part between "/user/" and the question mark (?). In the search box, type "spotify:user:[username]"

    In the above example, it would look like this: spotify:user:bbe2rxecvundivyf25u9mvuho

  3. Press Enter and you should be able to follow the friend.

    Don’t insert any spaces after the colons.

How to Remove a Friend from Spotify

If you want to remove a friend you're already following, you can do so with a couple of clicks.

Simple find the friend you want to unfollow and select their name in the Friend Activity pane in the desktop app. Select Following and the text will change to "Follow," indicating you're no longer be following this person.

Following button in Spotify
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