How to Add Friends on Fitbit

Make fitness more social with Fitbit friends

What to Know

  • Open Fitbit app > tap Account icon > tap your name > Add Friends.
  • Tap Enable (or Connect Contacts on iOS) and allow Fitbit permission to access your contacts.
  • Tap Add Friend icon next to contact's name.

This article explains how to add friends on Fitbit so you can share your fitness goals with others. Instructions apply to the Fitbit app for iOS and Android.

How to Add Friends on Fitbit

After you add friends, you can join challenges, cheer others, and compare achievements.

  1. Open the Fitbit app and tap the Account icon in the upper-left corner.

  2. Tap your name.

  3. Tap Add Friends under Friends.

    Account, Namne, and Add Friends in the Fitbit App
  4. Tap Enable (or Connect Contacts on iOS) and allow Fitbit permission to access your contacts.

  5. To add a contact as a Fitbit friend, tap the Add Friend icon (an outline of a person and a plus symbol) next to their name.

    If you choose someone under the Contacts Without Fitbit heading, Fitbit will send them an email inviting them to create a Fitbit account.

  6. You can also add Facebook friends as Fitbit friends. Tap the Facebook tab at the top of the Friend Finder screen.

    Enable, Add Friend, and Facebook in the Fitbit app

    To add or invite contacts by email address, tap the Email tab. If you know someone's Fitbit username, go to the Username tab.

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