Adding Favorites to Internet Explorer 11

Illustration of a computer with a page coming out of it and a bookmark falling over the edge of the image

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This tutorial is only intended for users running the Internet Explorer 11 browser on Windows operating systems.

Internet Explorer allows you to save links to web pages as Favorites, making it easy to revisit these pages at a later time. These pages can be stored in sub-folders, letting you organize your saved favorites just the way you want them. This tutorial shows you how this is done in IE11.

Add Favorites in Internet Explorer 11

To begin, open your Internet Explorer browser and navigate to the Web page which you want to add. There are two methods available for adding the active page to your Favorites. The first, which adds a shortcut on IE's Favorites bar (located directly under the address bar), is quick and easy. Simply click on the icon of a gold star covered by a green arrow, located on the far left-hand side of the Favorites bar.

The second method, which allows for more input such as what to name the shortcut and which folder to place it in, takes a few more steps to complete. To get started, click on the gold star icon located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. You can use the following keyboard shortcut instead: Alt+C.

The Favorites/Feeds/History pop-out interface should now be visible. Click on the option labeled Add to favorites, found at the top of the window. You can also use the following shortcut keys: Alt+Z.

The Add a Favorite dialog should now be displayed, overlaying your browser window. In the field labeled Name, you will see the default name for the current favorite. This field is editable and can be changed to anything that you desire. Below the Name field is a drop-down menu labeled Create in:. The default location selected here is Favorites. If this location is kept, this favorite will be saved at the root level of the Favorites folder. If you wish to save this favorite in another location, click the arrow within the drop-down menu.

If you selected the drop-down menu within the Create in: section, you should now see a list of sub-folders currently available within your Favorites. If you wish to save your Favorite within one of these folders, select the folder name. The drop-down menu will now disappear and the folder name which you selected will be displayed within the Create in: section.

The Add a Favorite window also gives you the option to save your Favorite in a new sub-folder. To do this, click on the button labeled New Folder. The Create a Folder window should now be displayed. First, enter the desired name for this new sub-folder in the field labeled Folder Name. Next, select the location where you would like this folder to be placed via the drop-down menu in the Create in: section. The default location selected here is Favorites. If this location is kept, the new folder will be saved at the root level of the Favorites folder.

Finally, click the button labeled Create to create your new folder. If all of the information within the Add a Favorite window is to your liking, it is now time to actually add the Favorite. Click the button labeled Add. The Add a Favorite window will now disappear and your new Favorite has been added and saved.