How to Add Users in Linux From Cinnamon Desktop

The 'adduser' command brings new users to a Linux-based computer

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The multi-user nature of Linux makes it a no-brainer to provision a separate username and password to everyone who might access a given computer.

The simplest method uses a shell prompt and the adduser command; this approach works on any Linux distribution and any GUI window manager.

How to Add a New User

Open a terminal window by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T.

  1. In the terminal window, issue the command:

    sudo adduser USERNAME

    where USERNAME is the name of the new user to be added and type your own superuser (sudo) password.

  2. When prompted, enter and verify a password for the new user and then answer the questions. These questions are optional, but you should at minimum fill out the Full Name option.

    Screenshot of the adduser command in action.
  3. Type Y to save the information.