How to Add or Change an Instagram Background

Easily tweak your instastory background colors

What to Know

  • To change background color: New post > Story > Create > color circle > add content > share to Your Story.
  • To use an image: New post > Story > Gallery > select image > add content > share to Your Story.

This article explains how to add a solid background color to an Instagram story, change the background color, and use a pattern or image instead.

How to Change an Instagram Story’s Background Color

Using a solid color background in an Instagram Story can be done natively within the iOS and Android Instagram apps. Here's how:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the new post icon.

  2. From the bottom menu, select Story.

  3. From the bottom menu, select Create.

    New Post button, Story button, and Create in Instagram
  4. Tap the small circle icon in the lower-right corner to cycle through your available background color options.

  5. Tap Tap to type and type a message as usual.

    Your color options are limited by the font style used for your text.

  6. While the typing option is active, tap the top middle button to cycle through the different font styles. This also changes your background color options.

    Color button, Tap to type, and font styles in Instagram.
  7. After each font style change, tap the small circle icon to view additional cool colorful backgrounds.

  8. When you’re ready, tap Done to confirm your text and minimize the keyboard.

  9. You can now add additional text, stickers, and gifs to your Instagram Story. You can also add music to your Instagram Story. Tap the checkmark when finished.

  10. Tap Your Story when you're ready to publish.

    Formatting background and sharing to Story

How to Add Cool Colorful Backgrounds to an Instagram Story

If you want to use something a bit more dynamic than a solid color background in your Instagram Story, you can change the background color to a pattern by uploading your own custom image.

A variety of websites provide a plethora of textured and patterned background images for you to use such as FreePik, Pexels, and PixaBay.

Here’s how to use a custom image as a background in an Instagram Story:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the new post icon.

  2. From the bottom menu, select Story.

  3. Swipe up on the screen. This opens a photo gallery within the Instagram app.

    Accessing the gallery in Instagram
  4. Find and tap the image you want to use as an Instagram Story background.

    If needed, use two fingers to resize the image so it fills the entire screen.

  5. Add any text, gifs, stickers, or music to your Instagram Story.

  6. Tap Your Story to publish. Your newly styled Instagram is now viewable on your feed.

    Adding an image for an Instagram Story background
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