How to Add Bookmarks on an iPhone or iPod Touch

Add favorites on your iPhone or iPod touch for quick website access

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The Safari web browser on the iPhone and iPod touch lets you save favorites and bookmarks so that you can quickly access those pages again. You can bookmark URLs to images, videos, pages, and anything else that can open in Safari.

Bookmarks vs Favorites

It's important to realize that there is a distinction between the Favorites and Bookmarks folders even though the two words are often used synonymously.

Bookmarks on an iPhone or iPod touch is a default, "master" folder where all bookmarked pages are stored. Anything added into this folder is accessible through the Bookmarks section within Safari so that you can easily access those saved links whenever you want.

The Favorites folder functions in much the same way in that you can store webpage links there. However, it's a folder stored within the Bookmarks folder and is always shown on every new tab you open. This provides quicker access than links that are contained in the main Bookmarks folder.

Additional custom folders can be added within either folder so that you can organize your bookmarks.

Add Favorites on an iPhone or iPod Touch

  1. With the page open in Safari that you want to bookmark, tap the Share button from the middle of the menu at the bottom of the page.
  2. When the new menu shows, choose Add Bookmark and then name it whatever you want. Choose the folder you want the link saved in, such as Bookmarks or a custom folder you've made beforehand.

    Otherwise, to favorite the page, use the same menu but choose Add to Favorites and then name the link something recognizable.
  1. Choose Save from the top right of Safari to close that window and return to the page you were favoriting or bookmarking.

Note: The necessary steps to add bookmarks on an iPad are slightly different than doing it on an iPod touch or iPhone because Safari is structured a little differently. 

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