How to Add Bookmarks in Safari for the iPhone and iPod touch

Save your favorite web pages

iphone safari bookmarks
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1.iOS Share Sheet

This tutorial is only intended for users running the Safari Web browser on Apple iPhone or iPod touch devices.

The Safari Web browser on your iPhone or iPod touch allows you to save your favorite Web pages as bookmarks, making it easy to access them at a later time. In this tutorial, ​you will learn how it is done.

  1. Open your browser by tapping on the Safari icon, located on your iOS Home Screen. The Safari browser window should now be displayed on your device.
  1. Navigate to the Web page that you wish to add as a bookmark. 
  2. Tap Share at the bottom of your screen and represented by a square and up arrow. The iOS Share Sheet should now be visible, overlaying the lower half of your browser window.
  3. Select Add Bookmark, usually found along the bottom row of icons. The Add Bookmark screen should now be displayed, containing an editable field where you can specify the name of the bookmark along with the Web page's icon and URL. You are also given the option of specifying the bookmark's location, which is set to Favorites by default. Other locations typically include the main Bookmarks folder as well as any subfolders created by apps such as YouTube.

Once you are satisfied with the values, tap the Save button. You should now be taken back to the main Safari browser window.