How to Add Bcc or Cc Recipients in new message screenshot
Where to locate the Cc and Bcc buttons in an new message.

When sending an email in, you can easily copy it to other recipients using Cc (carbon copy). If you want to copy other recipients but not have those recipients and their email addresses revealed to those who receive the message—such as when you are emailing a group whose members do not know each other—you can use Bcc (blind carbon copy).

You might also want to use Bcc to avoid recipients using Reply to All and sending their responses to the entire group when only you should receive them.

In, it's simple to do either of these.

Add Bcc or Cc Recipients in Messages

To add Bcc recipients to an email you are composing on

  1. Begin a new email message by clicking New message in the upper left of
  2. In the new message, click Bcc located in the upper right corner. If you want to add Cc recipients, click Cc, also located in the upper right corner. This will add the Bcc and Cc fields to your message.
  3. Enter recipients' email addresses in the appropriate carbon copy fields.

That's it. Now your email will be copied or blind copied to those you have indicated.

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