Learn to Distinguish Between Bcc or Cc Recipients in Outlook.com

How to use the Bcc and Cc fields for emails in Outlook.com

Outlook.com new message screenshot showing where to locate the Cc and Bcc buttons in an Outlook.com new message.

When sending an email in Outlook.com, copy it to other recipients using Cc (carbon copy). If you want to copy other recipients but don't want those recipients and their email addresses revealed to others who receive the message — such as when you email a group whose members do not know each other — use Bcc (blind carbon copy). Also, use Bcc to prevent recipients from using Reply to All to send their responses to the entire group when only you should receive these responses.

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook.com and Outlook Online.

Add Bcc or Cc Recipients in Outlook.com Messages

To add Bcc recipients to an email you are composing on Outlook.com:

  1. Select New message.

    The Outlook.com inbox with New Message button highlighted.
  2. In the new message, select Bcc to add the Bcc field to the message header. Or, select Cc to add the Cc field.

    The BCC button highlighted in Outlook.com inbox.
  3. Enter recipients' email addresses in the appropriate carbon copy fields.

    An email message using both BCC and CC in Outlook.com.
  4. The email will be copied or blind copied to those you indicated.