How to Send a Party Shout Out From a Google Calendar Event

Share one calendar event over email

Magnetic Calendar with Birthday party magnet highlighted
Keith Douglas / Getty Images

Google Calendar is a great tool for keeping track of your own events and sharing whole calendars with others, but did you know you can even invite people to a specific calendar event?

After making an event, you can add guests to it so that they'll be able to see and/or modify the event in their own Google Calendar. They'll be notified through email when you add them to the event and will see it on their calendar like they do their own events.

What makes this so appealing in most cases is because you could have a calendar full of private events but still invite one or more people to one event to keep them informed about one specific calendar event without giving them access to your other events.

You can have your guests be able to view the event only, modify the event, invite others, and/or see the guest list. You have full control over what the invitees can do.

How to Add Guests to a Google Calendar Event

  1. The Gmail inbox with tools selected.
  2. Locate and select the event.

    Viewing the Google calendar.
  3. Select Edit event (pencil icon) to edit the event.

    Viewing an event in Google Calendar.
  4. Under the Guests section, in the Add guests text box to the right of that page, type the email address of the person you want to invite to the calendar event. 

    Editing an event in Google calendar.
  5. Use the Save button at the top of Google Calendar to send the invitations. 

    Confirmation of event invite in Google calendar.


  • When you enter a guest email address in Step 4, you can also enter just their name if they're already a Gmail contact. You can keep inviting other people by entering a new name or email address in the same text box.
  • When it's time to save the guest list, it's possible that not everybody on the list will be notified. If you've only added or removed people, the existing invitees that were already invited will not be notified again. For example, if you invited Katie and James yesterday, they were already emailed about it when saved the list yesterday, so if you go back in and add Mark and Jon to the list today, only those two will be notified this time around.