How to Create a Google Calendar Invite

Share one event without revealing your entire schedule

Google Calendar is a great tool for keeping track of your own events and sharing your schedule with others. But what if you want to let specific people know about one event without revealing your entire calendar? You can do it by adding guests to any Google Calendar event.

After you invite one or more guests to a Google Calendar event, they see it as an event in their own Google Calendar and can modify it, view the guest list, or invite other guests based on rules you set. But they're unable to see any more of your events.

Add Guests to a Google Calendar Event

Use the following steps to add guests to a Google Calendar event.

  1. Open Google Calendar. Locate and select the event.

    Google Calendar
  2. An event card appears. Select the Edit event (pencil) icon.

    An event in Google Calendar
  3. In the Guests section, in the Add guests field, type the email addresses of the people you want to invite to the calendar event. Under Guests can, select the actions you want guests to take. At the top of the page, select Save

    If you're using the Google Calendar app on your phone, there's an Add people section where you enter the email addresses of people you want to invite. The app doesn't allow you to specify whether guests can modify the event or see the guest list.

    Event screen in Google Calendar
  4. A confirmation notice appears. Select Send.

    Confirmation of an event invite in Google Calendar