How to Add an Invitation to an Email in Gmail

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After you have discussed attending that party, performance or interactive meeting with your friends or colleagues, are you ready to finalize and materialize your plans?

Add an Invitation to an Email with Google Calendar and Gmail

To create an event and send an invitation by email using Google Calendar and Gmail:

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Click on the event to which you want to invite.
    • Do create the desired event, of course, if it is not yet in your calendar.
  1. Now click Edit event.
  2. For each person you want to invite:
    1. Type their email address over Enter guest email addresses under Add guests.
      • If you do not see an email entry field under Add guests, click Add guests.
    2. Click Add.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Now click Send under Send invitations?
    • If you had sent invitations for the event previously, Google Calendar will only email invitees added since.

Would You Rather Do It in 3 Steps Instead of 1?

Usually, this task involves opening your calendar, creating an event, and finally, manually, inviting other attendees to make sure everybody has all the correct details. If you use Gmail and Google Calendar, all these actions met happily in one task: send an email.

In Gmail, you could add to any message or reply you send an invitation. If the event did not yet exist in your Google Calendar, it was set up automatically, too.

Add an Invitation to an Email in Gmail (No Longer Available)

To make an email or reply you compose in Gmail contain an invitation:

  1. Start composing a new message or reply in Gmail.
  2. Click Add event info.
  3. Type the event title under Event:.
  4. Specify a location (optional) under Where:.
  5. Set the event's time and duration under When:.
  6. Continue composing and eventually send your message.

Add More Invitees or Details

The event specified by Add event info will automatically be added to your Google Calendar, and all recipients of the message receive an invitation to attend it.

To add more invitees or make the event repeat, for example, click more event options ».

If you open the more event options » window, make sure you do send email invitations from there (Google Calendar will ask you to when you save the event), because in this case, Gmail will not.

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