How to Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail

Put a friendly face on that email address

What to Know

  • In Gmail, select Google Apps icon > Contacts > Edit contact > Set contact photo.
  • In Pick a photo window, select Upload photo. Edit image > Done > Save.

This article explains how to add an image to a contact in Gmail. Instructions apply to the web version of Gmail and Google Contacts and should work in any web browser including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail

To set up a picture for a Gmail contact:

  1. Open a web browser, go to Gmail, and sign in.

  2. Go to the upper-right corner of the Gmail screen and select the Google apps icon.

    Apps icon in Gmail
  3. Choose Contacts.

    Contacts button in Gmail Apps pane
  4. Hover over a contact to display a set of icons on the right.

  5. Select Edit contact (the pencil icon).

    Edit contact button in Gmail Contacts screen
  6. Select Set contact photo (the portrait icon).

    Set contact photo button in Gmail contacts
  7. In the Pick a photo window, select Upload photo.

    Upload photo button in Gmail contacts
  8. In the Open dialog box, choose an image, then select Open.

  9. In the image editing window, move or resize the selection box so that the part of the picture you want to appear as the profile image is highlighted. The picture can also be rotated.

    Gmail edit contact image
  10. Select Done when the image appears the way you want.

  11. In the Edit contact window, the image replaces the default portrait icon.

    Add or change other contact information, if needed.

  12. Select Save.

    Save button for Contact in Gmail
  13. Gmail displays the contact's new profile, including the new image.

    Google Contact with image added
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