How to Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail

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 Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Would you rather see email addresses or pictures of people?

Well, you can make Gmail display any image for any contact. Others can "suggest" a picture to be displayed (as can you), but you can override this easily.

Once a contact has been assigned a picture, you can see it whenever you position the mouse over an email address or name.

Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail

To set up a picture for a Gmail contact:

  • Go to Contacts.
  • Search for and click on the desired contact.
  • Click Add a picture.
  • Use My Computer, Picasa Web Album or Web Address (URL) to choose the desired image.
  • Click Select Image.
  • Crop the image if needed.
  • Click Apply Changes.

Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail (Older Version)

To assign a picture to a contact in Gmail's older version:​ Follow the Contacts link in Gmail.

  • Click on the desired contact's name.
  • Now click Edit contact information.
  • Make sure My pick is selected under Picture.
  • Click upload picture.
  • Use the Browse... button to select the desired image.
  • Click Upload picture ».
  • Highlight the desired frame.
  • Click the Crop picture » button.
  • Click Save.