How to Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail

Do you rather see email addresses or pictures of people?

Well, before you answer hastily or ponder too much, let me tell you that you can make Gmail display any image for any contact. Others can "suggest" a picture to be displayed (as can you), but you can override this easily.

Once a contact has been assigned a picture, you can see it whenever you position the mouse over an email address or name.

Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail

To set up a picture for a Gmail contact:

  • Go to Contacts.
  • Search for and click on the desired contact.
  • Click Add a picture.
  • Use My Computer, Picasa Web Album or Web Address (URL) to choose the desired image.
  • Click Select Image.
  • Crop the image if needed.
  • Click Apply Changes.

Add an Image to a Contact in Gmail (Older Version)

To assign a picture to a contact in Gmail's older version:​ Follow the Contacts link in Gmail.

  • Click on the desired contact's name.
  • Now click Edit contact information.
  • Make sure My pick is selected under Picture:.
  • Click upload picture.
  • Use the Browse... button to select the desired image.
  • Click Upload picture ».
  • Highlight the desired frame.
  • Click the Crop picture » button.
  • Click Save.
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