How to Add a Photo in Pages for iPad

chalkboard picture on iPad

 hocus-focus / Getty Images

Pages makes it easy to insert a photo, even allowing you to resize the image, move it around the page, and add different styles to the border.

Add a Photo In Pages

To get started, you'll first need to tap the plus sign at the top of the screen. If this is your first time adding a photo, you will be prompted to allow Pages to access the photos on your iPad, otherwise, you should see a list of your albums. You can swipe up or down with your finger to scroll through your albums.

You can also insert a photo from cloud services like Dropbox. Simply choose "Insert from..." instead of choosing a specific album. This will take you to the iCloud Drive screen. Tap "Locations" on the iCloud Drive screen to see a list of valid cloud storage options. If you don't see your option on the list, tap the More link and make sure that cloud storage option is turned on for iCloud Drive.

The plus sign allows you to add more than just photos to a document. For example, you can insert tables and graphs as well. If you don't see a list of your photo albums appear, tap the far left button in the window. It looks like a square with a music symbol. This will pull up the images tab.

After you choose a photo, it will be inserted into the page. If you want to change the size, placement or border, tap the photo to highlight it. Once it is highlighted with blue dots around the edges, you can drag it around the page.

To change the size of the photo:

Drag one of the blue dots. This will resize the photo on the spot.

If you want the image centered:

Drag it left or right. Once it is perfectly centered, you will see an orange line in the middle of the page alerting you that the photo is centered. This is a helpful tool to make sure the photo looks perfect.

You can change the style of the photo:

After you tap the paintbrush button, options will appear that will let you change the style.