How to Activate Full-Screen Mode in Firefox

Go full on with Firefox

This article is only intended for users running the Mozilla Firefox Web browser on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows operating systems.

Although Firefox's user interface does not take up a significant amount of real estate, there are still occasions where the browsing experience is better when free from distractions with just the web content viewable.

In cases like these, Full-Screen mode can come in very handy. Activating it is a very simple process.

Activate Full-Screen Mode in Firefox

This tutorial walks you through it step-by-step on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

  1. Open your Firefox browser.

  2. To activate Full-Screen mode, select the Firefox menu, located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window and represented by three horizontal lines.

  3. When the pop-out menu appears, press the full-screen icon. It's a short line with two arrows pointing to opposite corners. You can see it highlighted in the image below.

    Firefox menu fullscreen

You can also utilize the following keyboard shortcuts in place of this menu item: Windows: F11; Linux: F11; Mac: COMMAND+SHIFT+F.

Firefox in fullscreen

To exit Full-Screen mode at any time, simply use one of these keyboard shortcuts a second time.