How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail

Get all your Yahoo Mail messages in your Gmail inbox

It's possible to get your Yahoo Mail on Gmail using a service called Gmailify. You can even send messages using your Yahoo email address when you sync up Yahoo Mail with Gmail.

Instructions in this article apply to the standard web versions of Yahoo Mail and Gmail. All steps are the same in any browser.

How to Get Yahoo Emails on Gmail

To set up Gmail to receive and send messages from your Yahoo Mail account:

  1. In Gmail, select the gear icon and choose Settings.

    Settings menu item in Gmail
  2. Select Accounts and Import.

    Accounts and Import tab in Gmail Settings
  3. In the Check mail from other accounts section, select Add a mail account.

    Add a mail account link in Gmail Settings
  4. In the Email address text box, enter your Yahoo Mail address, then select Next.

    Next button in Add a mail account process
  5. Select Link accounts with Gmailify, then select Next.

    Link accounts with Gmailify checkbox in Gmail Settings

    The other option removes your messages from Yahoo Mail. Use Gmailify to manage your Yahoo account from either Yahoo Mail or from Gmail.

    Gmailify doesn't require a subscription to Yahoo Mail Pro. Before Gmailify launched in 2016, you couldn't send or receive Yahoo Mail messages through your Gmail account without subscribing to Yahoo's premium service.

  6. In the Yahoo Mail login screen, enter your username and password, adjust the permissions, then select Agree.

    Yahoo Mail Agree button
  7. In the You've been Gmailified window, select Close.

    Close button in Gmail add mail account settings
  8. In Gmail, go to Settings > Accounts and Import to verify that the settings are configured as you intended.

    By default, Gmail replies to all messages from your Gmail address. To change this setting, go to the Send mail as section and select Reply from the same address the message was sent to.

  9. Return to this screen at any time to unlink your Yahoo Mail account. When you select unlink next to your Yahoo Mail address, you can either keep or delete the imported mail from your Yahoo Mail account.

    Unlink button in Gmail Settings

    It's also possible to import your Yahoo contacts to Gmail.