How to Access Multiple Accounts in Gmail for iOS

Female with iPad.
Jordan Siemens / Getty Images

An app for Gmail is a fine and fast thing to have on an iPhone and iPad. It brings notifications, suggests search terms and lets you attach photos to emails. It does all that for one Gmail account — at a time.

To switch accounts, you do not have to log out of one and into another account laboriously with username and password. Once you have added them, Gmail for iOS lets you change Gmail and Google Apps accounts easily.

Access Multiple Accounts in Gmail for iOS

To switch between Gmail (or Google Apps) accounts in Gmail for iOS:

  • Make sure the account you want to access is set up in Gmail for iPhone and iPad. (See below.)
  • Now make sure the list of labels is visible in the Gmail app.
    • Swipe to the right in your inbox or the list of messages in any label, for example. You can also tap the menu button in the top left corner.
  • Tap the username (and domain name, e.g, "") of the currently selected account.
  • Select the desired Gmail or Google Apps account.

While you can always only see (and search) the messages of one account at a time, the Gmail app badge will count new messages in all configured accounts added up.

Add Additional Gmail Accounts to Gmail for iOS

To set up additional Gmail or Google Apps accounts in the Gmail app for iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to the list of labels in the Gmail app.
    • Swipe right in the inbox or a label, for instance, or tap the menu button.
  • Tap the currently selected account's username at the top.
  • Now select Add account.
  • Type the full email address for the Gmail or Google Apps account you want to add under Email.
  • Enter the account password under Password.
  • Tap Sign in.

You can add up to four additional accounts to Gmail for iOS for a maximum total of five.