How to Access Gmail More Securely via HTTPS

HTTPS provides secure, encrypted access to Gmail in your browser. Secure HTTPS connections over TLS/SSL are the default and only option for all Gmail users and sessions; you need not do anything special or change any settings.

What Does HTTPS Access Do?

HTTPS ensures that all data sent from and to Gmail is encrypted automatically. The data is incomprehensible to anyone other than you and the recipients.

HTTPS access also lets your computer verify the authenticity of the connection to Gmail via a trusted third party.

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Access Gmail Securely

Gmail's approach to security is solid, but a few additional practices can help keep your data private:

  • When using Gmail, make sure the address in your browser begins with HTTPS (not HTTP, without the S). If this is not the case, the site is likely a spoof.
  • When using Gmail in a public place, be alert to the people around you. Emails are not encrypted on your computer's screen, and an onlooker conceivably could read your email and watch you type your password.
  • Two-step authentication offers additional protection against unauthorized login. Visit and follow the prompts to enable this in your Gmail account.
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