How to Access Free Windows Mail in Gmail

Manage your account with Gmail

What to Know

  • In the Gmail inbox, select the Settings icon > See all settings > Accounts and Import tab.
  • Next to Check mail from other accounts, choose Add a mail account. Enter the Windows Mail address > Next.
  • Select Link accounts with Gmailify > Next > enter your email password > Sign in > Close.

This article explains how to access your free Windows Mail account in Gmail. After a quick one-time setup, you can send and receive Windows Mail using your Gmail account.

Access Free Windows Mail in Gmail

Windows Live Hotmail was discontinued, but users still have access to a free Windows Mail account. However, you may want to set up a different email client, such as Gmail, to start funneling your Windows Mail messages through that account.

To set up a Windows Mail account for sending and receiving mail in Gmail:

  1. From your Gmail inbox screen, select Settings (gear icon).

    Gmail inbox with the Settings icon (gear) highlighted
  2. Select See all settings.

    Gmail settings with "See all settings" highlighted
  3. Select the Accounts and Import tab.

    Gmail settings with "Accounts and Import" tab highlighted
  4. Next to Check mail from other accounts, select Add a mail account.

    Gmail Account settings with "Add a mail account" highlighted
  5. Enter your Windows Mail email address and click Next.

    Gmail "Add email address" window with the Email field and "next" highlighted
  6. Select Link accounts with Gmailify and then click Next.

    Gmail mail migration window with "Link account with Gmailify" highlighted

    Linking with Gmailify allows you to access many of Gmail's features with your other email address. You can also opt to "Import email from my other account" and then manually enter your email settings.

  7. Enter your email password and select Sign in.

    Gmail migration window with password field and "Sign in" highlighted
  8. You'll see a message that your Windows Mail account is now "Gmailified," meaning linked to your Gmail. You can now manage your Windows Mail account (sending and receiving) through Gmail. Select Close to continue.

    Gmail settings screen with message that an account has successfully been Gmailified
  9. To unlink your account, go back to your Gmail account settings at any time and select Unlink.

    Gmail account settings screen with "Unlink" highlighted
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