How to Access AIM Mail in iPhone Mail App

AIM is discontinued, but you can still access your AOL mail online

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Open the highways to your AIM Mail account in iOS Mail. Dmitry Kalinin; CC BY 2.0 license

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was an instant messaging client with video and audio chat, file sharing, and web-based email capabilities. AOL discontinued AIM in 2017.

AOL Mail, sometimes referred to as AIM Mail, is still functioning, and you can log in to your AOL Mail account with your old AIM username or your current AOL email address online or through other email clients, including the Mail app on your iPhone.

Information in this article applies to the Mail app in macOS Catalina (10.15) through OS X Lion (10.7)

How to Set up AOL as a Mail Account on an iPhone

Setting up the iOS Mail app to access an AOL Mail account is easy because the app is already configured with most of the information the phone needs to work with AOL.

To set up an AOL Mail account in iOS Mail:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Go to Passwords & Accounts.

  3. Tap Add Account in the Accounts section.

    Passwords & Accounts settings on iPhone
  4. Select AOL.

  5. Type your AOL username, AOL email login name, or your AIM username in the Sign in field. Tap Next.

  6. Type your AOL password. Tap Next.

    AOL credential screens in Mail app
  7. Enter a recovery email address and an optional phone number.

  8. Read the AOL terms of service and tap Agree.

  9. Move the slider next to Mail to the On/green position. Optionally, move the slider next to Notes to the On/green position. Tap Save.

    AOL sign up steps in iOS

You are returned to the Passwords & Accounts screen where you can see AOL in your list of accounts. Because AOL is preconfigured on the iPhone, you don't have to enter any additional information, but if you want to change any settings, you can.

  1. Select AOL in the Passwords & Accounts screen.

  2. Tap your email address at the top of the AOL screen.

  3. Tap Advanced to open AOL mail preferences. You can modify mailbox options, choose what to do with discarded messages, and indicate how long to hold deleted messages before they are removed permanently.

    AOL set up screens in iOS Mail app

How to Access AOL Email on an iPhone

Now that your AOL email account is set up in the Mail app on your iPhone, you can access it at any time:

  1. Tap the Mail app on the iPhone Home screen.

  2. In the list of Inboxes, tap AOL.

  3. Tap any email to expand it to a full-screen view. You can also swipe left on this screen to open options for Trash, Flag, and More.

    AOL account in iPhone Mail app
  4. In the full-screen view, you can read the email, reply to it, tap the Trash can to delete it, tap the folder to file it, or tap the arrow for actions that include Reply, Reply All, Forward, Flag, Mark as Unread, Move to Junk, Print, and others.

  5. To send an email, tap the new mail icon in the lower right corner to open a new email screen.

  6. Enter an email address, subject, and the text of the email. Tap the Send button at the top of the screen.

    AOL preferences and new message screen