How to Access AIM Mail in iPhone Mail App

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Open the highways to your AIM Mail account in iOS Mail. Dmitry Kalinin; CC BY 2.0 license

Setting up iOS Mail to access an AIM Mail account is easy.

Do You Have the Wrong Account?

iPhone Mail has a button for AOL, but you have an AIM Mail account? Not to worry! Setting up free AIM Mail email in iOS Mail on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is easy.

What Setting up AIM Mail in iOS Mail Lets You Do

In addition to reading and sending new emails with the power and comfort of iOS Mail, you get to seamlessly access all online folders and their contents. With a little tweak, you can even use iOS Mail's archiving commands to move emails to a "Saved" folder.

If you want, you can also have the Notes app store your notes in the AIM Mail account.

Access an AIM Mail Account in iOS Mail

To set up an AIM Mail account in iOS Mail:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars category.
  3. Tap Add Account under ACCOUNTS.
  4. Select AOL.
  5. Type your name (or what you want to appear in the "From" like when you send an email from the account) under Name.
  6. Now enter your AIM Mail email address under Email.
    • The email address does not have to end in "" like in the example; "" is fine, for instance.
  7. Type your AIM Mail password under Password.
  8. Optionally, change the name for the account under Description (to, say, "AIM Mail").
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Make sure Mail is enabled under IMAP.
  11. Optionally, also enable Notes.
    • This lets the Notes app on iOS and OS X synchronize notes through the AIM Mail account; it will create a Notes folder for that.
  12. Tap Save.
  13. Open Mail so it can configure the trash, junk, drafts and sent folders.
  14. If you want to keep archived mail on the server and use iOS Mail's archiving commands:
    1. Open the Settings app.
    2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
    3. Select the AIM Mail account you added before under ACCOUNTS.
    4. Tap Account under IMAP.
    5. Now tap Advanced.
    6. Select Archive Mailbox under MAILBOX BEHAVIORS.
    7. Choose a folder for keeping archived messages under Saved (but not the Saved folder itself.
    8. Tap < Advanced.
    9. Now tap < Account.
    10. Tap Done.

If you would like to try an email experience different from the standard iOS Mail app, the AOL app also lets you access AIM Mail accounts to send, receive and manage your email.

Access AIM Mail in iPhone Mail 2

To set up an AIM Mail email account in iPhone Mail 2:

  1. Tap Settings on the iPhone Home screen.
  2. Now tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Choose Add Account... under Accounts.
  4. Tap Other.
  5. Enter your name under Name.
  6. Tap your full AIM Mail email address under Address.
  7. Enter your AIM Mail password under Password.
  8. Tap "AIM Mail" under Description.
  9. Now tap Save.

iPhone Mail will automatically set up your AIM Mail account with the correct settings. If that does not happen:

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  1. Make sure IMAP is selected.
  2. Enter "" for Host Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  3. Tap your AIM Mail user name (what comes before "" in your AIM Mail address) for User Name under Incoming Mail Server.
  4. Enter "" for Host Name under Outgoing Mail Server.
  5. Input your AIM Mail username for User Name under Outgoing Mail Server, too.
  6. Tap your AIM Mail password under Password for the Outgoing Mail Server.
  7. Tap Save.
  8. Now tap AIM Mail.
  9. Choose Advanced.
  10. Tap Deleted Mailbox under Mailbox Behaviors.
    • Drafts Mailbox should already be set to Drafts and Sent Mailbox to Sent.
  11. Pick Trash from On the Server.
  12. Press the Home button.