Access a Gmail Account in Windows Mail

Adding your Gmail also syncs your calendar and contacts

screenshot of adding a gmail account in windows mail

Jason Gillikin

Microsoft's default light email app for Windows 10, called Mail, offers built-in support for adding accounts for, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, Google, and Yahoo. The add-account wizard walks you step-by-step through the process of adding a Gmail account to Windows Mail.

  1. Open Mail. Click or tap the Settings icon, located in the lower left panel of the window, to access the Settings slide-out menu.

  2. Select Manage accounts then select Add account.


  3. From the pop-up dialog box, select Google.

    Windows 10 Mail select account type
  4. The dialog box shifts to Google's standard Sign-In with Google web form. On the first page of the form, enter your email address.

    Windows 10 Mail sign in

    On the second page, enter your password. If you've set two-factor authentication on your Google account, you'll be asked to confirm access on an optional third screen. The fourth screen reviews the permissions that Windows requests; select Allow to proceed.

    Windows 10 Gmail account permissions
  5. After you authenticate to Google, Mail presents another dialog box asking you to specify the name you wish to use with your Gmail account. This name will appear in the "from" field of your outgoing messages. It doesn't need to match the name you've set up in Gmail. After you've entered your name, press Sign In to continue.

    Gmail account added to Windows Mail

Using Gmail with Windows Mail

Your Gmail account functions like any other email account within Mail. As an added bonus, Windows automatically applies your Gmail account to the stock Calendar and Contacts apps, too, so your contacts automatically appear in the People app and all the calendars you've associated with your Gmail account appear as sub-calendars under your Gmail address in the Calendar app.

However, Windows does not sync other items, like tasks you've set up in Google Keep.

If you change your Gmail password or adjust the two-factor authentication you use with your Google Account, you'll need to repeat these steps with either an updated password or with an app password.