How the App Market Can Benefit with Carrier Marketing

How carriers can use the app market to increase revenue

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Mobile operators today have many options to enhance their carrier marketing strategy by making use of the app marketplace. The app market holds huge raw potential and tapping into this can help carriers take a leading position in the market. They can make use of their assets to provide developers both monetizing and marketing their apps.

Carriers can give developers a powerful set of tools by turning their rich data into actionable content. The consumer today is always looking to experiment with newer, more diverse apps. Carriers can use this opportunity to think out of the box and encourage developers to come out with more innovative apps.

Many carriers are now seeing the immense potential of app branding and are even coming out with their own app stores. This would eventually become a major source of revenue for them.

But carriers are faced with their own problems, which comes in the way of their app marketing efforts.

Creating an Interest in Consumers and App Developers

While carriers need users to use app stores to attract developers toward their own platform, they also have to include several apps and constantly update this list, if they need to keep the customers coming.

Most developers prefer to stay with successful platforms such as Android and iPhone, rather than risk porting them to carriers, who they lack confidence in. They fear that the carrier may not be able to generate enough exposure and revenue for their apps.

How Carriers Can Lure App Developers

  • In order to gain developers’ confidence, carriers must focus on offering them much more than any app store can. They should also chart out an attractive revenue path to entice app developers.
  • Leading carriers have the advantage of numbers to let developers know their customers’ behavior and usage patterns, thus encouraging developers to tie up with them.
  • Carriers can cleverly combine their wealth of data with contextual marketing to help developers far reduce their own marketing efforts and put in that extra effort on creating better software instead.
  • In-app advertising and commerce are very popular today. Using subscriber app data and usage patterns, the carrier can help developers reach their target audience easier and more effectively, rather than have to wait around for subscribers. This also helps the developer gain a better understanding of consumer needs and create/update his app accordingly.

Tapping into the potential of developers, definitely pays rich dividends for the carrier, in terms of creating exposure, building a good reputation and eventually, generating revenue. Operators that have employed the right carrier marketing strategies have successfully emerged as leaders in the field.