How Samsung AllShare Simplified Media Streaming

Allshare was the Perfect Illustration of DLNA Certified Products in Action

Imagine being able to play media from any computer or device on your TV and have it controlled from your smartphone or digital camera. This means that you could walk in the house after an event and press a button to wirelessly play a slideshow of the photos you just took on your smartphone, digital camera or camcorder.


Perhaps you want to watch a movie you just downloaded from the internet and saved on your network attached storage (NAS) drive.

Again, you pick up your phone choose the NAS drive as the source, select the movie and this time tells it to play on the network media player that is attached to your bedroom TV.

Samsung AllShare

That's the idea behind Samsung's AllShare. AllShare was an added feature of networked Samsung TVs (Smart TVs), Blu-ray Disc players, Home Theaters, Galaxy S mobile phones, Galaxy Tab Tablets, laptops and some models of their digital cameras and camcorders.

Samsung AllShare was an app that allowed Samsung devices, Samsung TVs, your PC, and mobile device to access and share photos, videos and even music between themselves, streamed over any internet connection.

AllShare worked when all your devices are connected to the Internet. When you were on the go, you could use AllShare with your mobile device over the web (wireless data rates may apply).

AllShare was DLNA on steroids. That is to say, that all of these devices are DLNA certified in at least one category, many in multiple categories.



The Digital Living Network Alliance is the technology alliance for connected devices and streaming media throughout the home. Discover the freedom and flexibility that DLNA and VidiPath can bring to your media consumption experience.

Here's How Samsung AllShare Worked

Let's look at the benefits each product derives from its different DLNA certifications and how DLNA makes the AllShare products work together.


Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung is committed to including AllShare, and now Samsung Link, in their Smart TVs. Dan Schinasi from Samsung explains, "As the largest screen in the home, Samsung feels that the TV is well-suited for sharing content, and we want to make the sharing experience as easy as possible."

Digital Media Player (DMP) Certified--Smart TVs can play media from computers, NAS drives and other media servers on your home network. Access the media by going to the TV's "Media Share" or "AllShare" menu, then select the media server and photo, movie, or music file you want to play.

Digital Media Renderer (DMR) Certified--The TV shows up in the menu of a Digital Media Controller as a device that will play media you send to it. In the AllShare ecosystem, the TV can be controlled by the Galaxy S phones or Galaxy Tab, or by a camera or camcorder.

To play the media on the Samsung TV, select a video or music file, or playlist and then pick the Smart TV as the renderer. The music or movie will automatically start playing on the TV once it has loaded. To play a slideshow on the TV, choose a number of photos and select the TV to show them.

Samsung Networked Blu-ray Disc Player

Digital Media Player (DMP) Certified--The Samsung networked Blu-ray Disc player can connect to all of your sources to play videos, photos or music.

A Samsung representative explained that the Blu-ray Disc players are not currently certified as Digital Media Renderers because they feel a renderer is a device that is commonly powered on most of the time, like a home theater receiver or a TV. Most people will only turn on a Blu-ray Disc player when they want to play a disc or use it to access other media. As the "other media" functionality gains popularity, Samsung may add the Digital Media Renderer certification.

Galaxy S Phones & Galaxy Tab, Wifi Digital Cameras & Digital Camcorders

Samsung has released a line of "Galaxy S" Android Phones that are part of AllShare.

The Samsung Captivate phone is their AT&T phone. The Samsung Fascinate works with Verizon. And the Epic 4G is Sprint's version. The Galaxy Tab is Samsung's tablet that also uses the Android operating system. Each of these Samsung Galaxy products comes loaded with the Samsung AllShare app.

Galaxy is the heart of AllShare! With its multiple DLNA certifications--the Mobile Digital Media Controller certification in particular--it can move media around from one device to the next.

The Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tab can play media from computers and media servers directly on its screen. It can send its own photos, movies, and music to the Samsung TV and other digital media renderers--network media players or other DLNA certified products--in your network. You can also wirelessly download and save other movies, music, and photos on your phone so you can take them with you. And, you can upload your movies and pictures to a compatible NAS drive.

Mobile Digital Media Server (DMS) Certified--With a Galaxy S phone, you can shoot photos and videos, create voice recordings or download music and save it all on your phone or digital camcorder. The Digital Media Server certification ensures that the phone appears as a source (media server) in the menu of an AllShare TV, Blu-ray Disc player or laptop. From that menu, simply select the desired photo, video or recording from the list of media saved on your phone.

Mobile Digital Media Controller (DMC) Certified--The phone's AllShare app is an easy-to-use controller.

In the AllShare phone app, choose "Play file from another server to another player via my phone." Then pick the source of the media. Choose where you want to play the media (DMR), and press play. The phone plays conductor--displaying your media lists then sending it to where you want it to be played.

Mobile Digital Media Player (DMP) Certified--The AllShare app lets you choose media that is saved on your computer or media servers, to play on your phone.

Mobile Digital Media Renderer (DMR) Certified--The phone is recognized as a renderer on other digital media controller devices. That controller can send files for you to watch or listen to on the phone.

Mobile Digital Media Uploader and Downloader - When playing media from a media server on your network, there is a button in the AllShare app that lets you upload the file and save it to your Galaxy S. Now that file is available even if you leave the house. This is handy. By saving the photos or music, you can take it with you. It's also good for saving a movie if you want to finish watching it after you've left home.

Samsung Laptops 

Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12 are DLNA compatible with software that can act as a server, player, controller or renderer.  Beyond that, Samsung added its AllShare software called "Easy Content Share," to make it easy for other AllShare devices to find the media on your laptop.

Note that when using Windows 7 and Windows Media Player to share your media, you must set up shared folders as public or shared folders so that they can be found by other computers and devices.

Digital Media Server (DMS) Compatible -- The media saved to your shared or public folders will be seen and are accessible by the players, controllers, and renderers in your home network. You can easily play any of your stored media on your TV, Blu-ray Disc player or Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S phone.

Digital Media Player (DMP) Compatible -- Windows Media Player 12--also available in Windows Media Player 11--will automatically discover, list media files from the other digital media servers on your home network so that you can play them in Windows Media Player 12. Note that the file format (type) must be compatible with Windows Media Player.

Digital Media Controller (DMC) Compatible -- Windows 7 has a "Play To" feature. When you select a media file, you can right-click on it and choose "Play To." A list of available media players appears. Select the digital media renderer--the TV, laptop, Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S phone-- on which you want to play the file.  

Digital Media Renderer (DMR) Compatible -- A Windows 7 PC that has been set up to share files will appear as a Digital Media Renderer on a digital media controller device or on another PC with Windows Media Player version 11 or 12. From your smartphone, digital camera or camcorder, you can choose a media file and play it on your laptop.

Samsung Link

Samsung Link is an integrated service that replaces AllShare Play on select Samsung devices and allows you to access content, including photos, music, videos, and documents, from multiple storage locations on any connected device.

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