How Much Does an iPad Cost?

The entire iPad family: Pro, Air and Mini. Image © Apple, Inc.

Now that the iPad comes in three different sizes, a brand new iPad can run as little as $269 all the way up to $1,079 for the top end iPad Pro.  This puts an iPad at a good price range for almost any budget, and when you consider options other than buying a brand new iPad, the cost can be even lower.   A bigger question may be which iPad offers the best bargain.  

The iPad Pro.  Apple introduced an iPad with a whopping 12.9-inch display to bridge the gap between tablets and laptops.

 And the iPad Pro is definitely a tablet with the processing power of a PC.  The new A9X chip is about as powerful as a mid-range laptop, and with 4 GB of RAM for apps to go along with that huge display, it is a multitasking beast.  The iPad Pro starts at $799 and can range all the way up to $1,079 for the 128 GB model with data connectivity.   Read a Review of the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air.  There are currently two iPad Air models: the original and the iPad Air 2.   The original iPad Air starts at $399 and is now the cheapest with a 9.7-inch display.  The iPad Air can do Slide-Over multitasking, but cannot run two apps side-by-side like the Air 2, which is powered by a fast tri-core processor and starts at $499.  Read a Review of the iPad Air 2.

The iPad Mini.  The original iPad Mini flew off the shelves, but its successors haven't done as well.  However, this may make them the most underrated tablets.

 The iPad Mini 4 is essentially an iPad Air 2 for only $399.  The only difference is the 7.9-inch form factor, which actually makes the Mini more portable than its bigger brother.  The real steal right now for those looking for the most bang for the buck might be the iPad Mini 2, which mirrors the iPad Air's features for only $269.

 Read a Review of the Entry-Level iPad Mini 2.

Shop Around for the Best Deal

The retail prices listed here are based on buying from Apple's online store.  But just like any product, it can be best to shop around for a good deal.  Retailers often put the iPad on sale as the holiday season approaches.  This makes it worthwhile to check retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Frys.  

Buy from Amazon

Should You Buy a Used iPad?

It might be tempting to buy an older model used iPad, but sometimes, the short-term savings costs yo more when you find yourself needing to upgrade the tablet after only a few years.  That entry-level iPad Mini 2 is over four times faster than the iPad 2 or the original iPad Mini and has a much better display.  Even if you can get an iPad 2 for only $170, it may not be worth it.   

Refurbished iPads Can Offer Great Deals

If you are looking to save a little money, Apple's refurbished iPads have the same 1-year warranty as the new iPads.  A refurbished iPad Mini 2 is currently going for just $229, which is a savings of $40 off the price for a new unit.  How to buy a cheap iPad.


How Much Does an iPad Cost?

ModelStorageWi-FiWi-Fi + 4G
iPad Pro32 GB-128 GB$799-$949$1,079 (128 GB Only)
iPad Air 216 GB-128 GB$499-$699$629-$829
iPad Air16 GB-32 GB$399-$449$529-$579
iPad Mini 416 GB-128 GB$399-$599$529-$729
iPad Mini 216 GB-32 GB$269-$319$399-$449

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