How Much Does an iPhone 3G Cost?

iPhone 3G S
The new Apple iPhone 3G S. Apple

Update: Apple has discontinued the iPhone 3G, it no longer manufactures the device, as it has been succeeded by newer versions of iPhones. If you still really want to buy the iPhone 3G, then your best bet would be to head over to Amazon and eBay, and buy one used.

However, I wouldn't recommend you to do that as Apple is no longer issuing software updates to the device, and the hardware is now outdated as well.

So, you won't be able to enjoy the latest and greatest from Apple, in terms of software updates. Furthermore, I can assure you that you will be able to buy something much more powerful than an iPhone 3G in your price range. 

Question: How Much Does an iPhone 3G Cost?


Wondering how much you'll pay to get a shiny new iPhone 3G? Here what you can expect to pay to get your hands on Apple's slick smartphone.

The iPhone 3G is available from four authorized retailers: Apple, AT&T, Best Buy, and Walmart. All of them, except Walmart, charge the same price for the various iPhone models. (Walmart's prices are $2 cheaper.) All of these prices require that you sign a new two-year service contract with AT&T; existing AT&T customers who are eligible for an upgrade will get these prices, too.

  • 8GB iPhone 3G (Black): $199
  • 16GB iPhone 3G (Black): $299
  • 16GB iPhone 3G (White): $299


AT&T subscribers who are not yet eligible for a handset upgrade will be charged the following prices:

  • 8GB iPhone 3G (Black): $399
  • 16GB iPhone 3G (Black): $499
  • 16GB iPhone 3G (White): $499

All existing AT&T customers will be charged an upgrade fee of $18, whether or not they are eligible for the discounted prices.

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