How Mobile Game Marketing Benefits Game Developers

Ways in which Mobile Game Marketing can Help Gaming Devs

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Image © Steve Paine/Flickr.

Mobile marketing has truly come of age today. Now, with the advent of several types of mobile games as well, mobile game marketing is coming to the fore too. Game developers are discovering that advertising in the mobile gaming industry can give them a tremendous opportunity to strike gold with their venture. It is expected that this aspect of mobile marketing will be booming in the very near future.

Here is how you, as a game developer or advertiser, can benefit with mobile game marketing.

The Role of Advergaming

Big companies have already seen the tremendous potential mobile game marketing plays in their general marketing strategy. A famous cola brand, for instance, had created a mobile adventure game, which also included giving away weekly prizes to winners. The results were tremendous and almost immediate – the public simply lapped it all up!

While the game itself was downloaded several thousands of times, the brand made its mark on the market as well, registering tremendous sales of their product.

Mobile Gaming Very Popular Today

Today, the general trend of the mobile user is to use his or her handheld for more than just business purposes. The focus, for the end-user, is also on fun. Mobile gaming has now become increasingly popular with the mobile masses.  

While various types of smartphones are available in the market today, each with better features and facilities than the other, advanced mobile networks too offer the consumer a great mobile browsing and downloading experience.

Considering the above factors, there are a lot more game publishers investing in this industry, which additionally helps sustain the initial mobile gaming explosion.

Mobile gaming Still Price Sensitive

Mobile game users, though, still continue to be price-sensitive in most parts of the world. All of us are aware of the fact that the more expensive mobile games are bought only by a certain limited section of society. Most other users will tend to view this expenditure as unnecessary.

Hence, reducing the price of a mobile game will help create a much stronger consumer demand for it. One good way to reduce costs would be to advertise sponsored games. This will lower the price of the game, thereby creating more demand for it.

How Mobile Ad Networks can Chip in

Ad networks can play a significant role with enhancing mobile game marketing. Improving vital features such as web interfaces, geotargeting, impression measurements and so on, will help the mobile gaming advertiser can further his marketing endeavor more easily and effectively.

Mobile video is yet another tributary evolving from mobile gaming. If ad networks develop ways to support these advanced features as well, the industry will be able to blossom further, creating immense opportunities for the mobile game developer.​

M2M Marketing

Mobile-to-mobile marketing, also called M2M, is a mobile advertising technique designed to increase sales of mobile wallpapers, games, ringtones and such.

The conversion of such type of marketing is instantaneous, with remarkable click-through rates. Since the mobile audience is vast and always online, supplying targeted ads to consumers will further benefit the mobile game marketing industry.

In conclusion, it all depends upon the ability of both the developer and advertiser to use the technology available to them and to invest sensibly to finally reap the full benefits of their mobile game marketing efforts.