How Many Animal Crossing Villagers Are There?

And how many you can have on your island

What to Know

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons has over 400 villagers, including ones you collect via amiibo cards.
  • Up to 10 villagers can live on your island at once.

To help you decide whom to invite to your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this article breaks down the various animal species and personality types of each villager.

How Many Villagers Are There in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

As of the Series 5 amiibo cards release, New Horizons now has a total of 412 villagers (excluding special villagers like Tom Nook, Isabelle, Blathers, and others). Although this may seem like an overwhelming number to choose from, especially since you can only have up to 10 neighbors living on your island at a time, there isn’t as much differentiation between villager personalities as you might think.

Each villager falls into a personality type which dictates how they interact with you and their fellow island inhabitants. There are four male personalities and four female personality types for a total of eight. 

To increase your Friendship Points with villagers, try the following:

  • Greet a villager
  • Give them a gift (daily)
  • Complete questions
  • Mood conversations
  • Sell an item when asked to
  • Catch a flea off of a villager

Male Personalities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Rolf the Tiger villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Cranky: Your first impressions of Cranky villagers may be negative, as these characters can be rude, bitter, and generally out-of-touch. However, they will soften up over time as you get closer to them and settle into a comfortable “old man” role. Fittingly, they get along best with other Cranky villagers and dislike Snooty and Smug characters. 
  • Jock: The most common villager personality, Jocks are obsessed with all things sport. They like to brag about their workouts and tend to get confused easily. Jocks get on well with other Jocks, as well as Peppy, Sisterly, and Normal villagers, but are annoyed by Snooty, Lazy, and Cranky personalities.
  • Lazy: Relaxed and easygoing, Lazy villagers have a friendly disposition and are typically the easiest characters to befriend. They are liked by Peppy, Cranky, and other Lazy villagers, but generally don’t approve of Snooty villagers or Jocks.
  • Smug: Best described as a mix of all personality types, Smug villagers are polite and sophisticated, but can be overly boastful or conceited. Unsurprisingly, they get along well with other Smug characters and approve of Peppy and Lazy villagers. However, they aren’t the best fit with Cranky or Uchi personalities.

Female Personalities in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Hazel the Squirrel villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Normal: The “neutral” personality of Animal Crossing, Normal villagers are kind but tend to not hold any strong opinions on most topics of conversation. They are the most common female personality type, get along well with Cranky and Snooty characters, and dislike their Lazy neighbors.
  • Peppy: Energetic and cheerful, Peppy villagers are real go-getters and function as the female equivalent of the Jock personality. Fittingly, they get along well with Jocks, as well as most other villager types. However, Snooty and Cranky characters aren’t big fans.
  • Snooty: As their name implies, Snooty villagers hold themselves in high regard and can be abrasive and sarcastic toward others. But much like Cranky residents, Snooty characters will open up if you befriend them and even give you fashion tips. Surprisingly, Cranky villagers don’t like them but they get along well with Smug characters and other Snooty individuals. 
  • Uchi: Uchi means “Big Sister” in Japanese and these villagers are very caring individuals. However, they can also be a bit blunt or even rude. This is the rarest personality type in New Horizons, so count yourself lucky if you manage to recruit a “Big Sister” to your island. Uchi villagers get along well with most personality types (especially Peppy and Normal) but tend to draw the ire of Cranky residents. 

How Many Animal Species Are There in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

There are 35 different villager animal species in New Horizons with most personality types represented within each category. This means if you have a Dog villager with a cranky personality (Butch) but would rather have one with a lazy disposition (Biskit), you can most likely find one. 

Here’s the full list of villager animal species and the corresponding number of variants within each species:

Alligators (8)  Anteaters (8) Bears (15) Birds (14) Bulls (6)
Cats (23) Chickens (9) Cows (4) Cubs (17) Deer (12)
Dogs (17) Ducks (17) Eagles (10) Elephants (12) Frogs (18)
Goats (8) Gorillas (10) Hamsters (9) Hippos (7) Horses (15)
Kangaroos (8) Koalas (10) Lions (7) Monkeys (9) Mice (16)
Octopuses (4) Ostriches (10) Penguins (14) Pigs (15) Rabbits (22)
Rhinos (7) Sheep (14) Squirrels (19) Tigers (7) Wolves (11)

New villagers can be found through your island's campsite, inviting them from mystery islands, scanning amiibo cards, and recruiting them from a friend's island in online play.

Who Is the Rarest Animal Crossing Villager?

Technically, there is no “rare” villager in New Horizons, as encounters are randomized. That said, certain animal species feel rarer than others simply because some have fewer villager variants than others.

Octopus and Cows are the least common animal species, with only four total villagers apiece. As such, Cephalobot, Marina, Octavian, Zucker, Naomi, Tipper, Patty, and Norma are the “rarest” villagers in the game because they are the only characters belonging to these animal groups.

Bulls are the next rarest group with six villagers, followed by Hippos, Lions, Rhinos, and Tigers, which all have seven.

  • How do I get more villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

    To get more villagers, set aside plots of land for them to live on. You can invite villagers you meet on Mystery Tours, visitors to your campsite, or even villagers from other islands.

  • How do I get rid of villagers in Animal Crossing?

    To make a villager leave, don't talk to them. Ignore them when they call for you, and don't answer their mail. If your island is full, you can replace villagers by using an amiibo.

  • How do I move villagers houses in Animal Crossing?

    To move a villager's house, go to Resident Services, talk to Tom Nook, and choose Let's talk infrastructure. Next, select I want layout changes > Let's talk relocation > An island home. Moving costs 50,000 bells.

  • Why can't I talk to my villagers in Animal Crossing?

    A glitch in Animal Crossing: New Horizon can prevent villagers from speaking to you. If this happens, save your data, close the game, and restart the software.

  • How many villagers are there in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf has 333 villagers total. You can have 10 villagers at once. The rarest villager is Audie.

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