How Many People Can Watch Netflix at Once?

You need to upgrade to watch Netflix on more screens, but there's one workaround

What to Know

  • The number of people who can watch Netflix at once is limited by your account plan.
  • You'll need the Premium plan to stream to a max of 4 screens at once.
  • Downloading and watching content offline on mobile devices isn't affected by the limit.

This article explains profile limits on Netflix, plus covers how to watch Netflix on multiple devices, how to share Netflix with your family, and ways to work with the Netflix screen limit.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on Netflix?

A profile on Netflix allows a different member of your household to use the same Netflix account but with different personalized settings. Netflix allows you to create up to 5 unique profiles on your one account.

Each profile can customize its own language settings, maturity levels, activity log, subtitle settings, and of course personalized suggestions for movies and TV shows. Each account can use a unique email account so that different users will receive their own Netflix notifications.

Kids profiles are different than standard accounts in that they don't have full permissions and are intended to allow parents to block content with certain maturity ratings.

How Can I Watch Netflix on More Than 2 Devices?

While you can have 5 profiles on one account, all 5 of those users won't be able to use Netflix at once as each Netflix plan include a screen limit.

  • Basic with Ads ($6.99/mo): Only 1 user can watch Netflix at any given time. Streams up to 720p resolution are available.
  • Basic ($8.99/mo): Basic has the same restrictions as Basic with Ads: 1 stream at a time with a max of 720p.
  • Standard ($13.99/mo): Users can watch Netflix on a total of 2 screens. HD up to 1080p is available, but Ultra HD is not.
  • Premium ($17.99/mo): Users can watch Netflix on a total of 4 different screens. Both HD and 4K UHD are available.

The easiest way to watch Netflix on more than 2 devices is to upgrade to the Premium plan. Screen limits aren't applied to individual users either. One user (profile) can watch Netflix on up to 4 screens at once, or multiple users can watch on their own screens. The only limit is a Netflix account with a Premium plan can stream to only 4 different screens simultaneously.

Can You Share Netflix With Family?

If you have a Standard or Premium account, you can add profiles to your Netflix account for additional family members.

To do this, when you're logged into your Netflix account, select the dropdown to the right of your profile image and select Manage Profiles. On the Manage Profiles page, select Add Profile to the right of the account list.

You can only add another profile if you haven't already created the maximum of 5 profiles yet.

Give the profile a name and select whether the account is a child or not. Select Continue to finish creating the profile.

Continue on the Netflix Add Profile page

This new profile will have its own viewing preferences, activity logs, and everything else a unique user experiences on Netflix.

Tips for Using Your Netflix Account Offline

While you can't directly get around the screen limit Netflix places on your account plan, there is a way to use your Netflix account offline. Even though you can't stream Netflix content over the internet to more than 2 screens on the Standard account, you can download Netflix content to a mobile device and then watch that Netflix content offline.

To do this, use your mobile phone or tablet and open the Netflix mobile app. Search for a movie or TV show and use the Download link at the bottom of the listing to download that content to your mobile device.

Download in the Netflix app

When you're done, turn off your Wi-Fi and cellular internet connections (try using Airplane mode). Now you can watch your downloaded content offline and Netflix won't count this device as one of the screens that's actively streaming content from Netflix.

Can You Kick Someone Off of Netflix?

When you're trying to stream Netflix content and you're getting the error your account can't stream to any additional devices, it can be annoying. Especially if you don't know who's streaming from the account.

Netflix maximum screen error

A quick fix for this is to open your Netflix account settings. Under the Settings section, select Sign out of all devices.

Sign out of all devices on Netflix account page

This will reset your Netflix screen limit count to 0 and will let you watch Netflix on your device again. You will need to log back into your Netflix account first in order to do this.

  • Can I bypass my Netflix screen limit?

    No. The only way to increase your screen limit is to upgrade your plan. However, you can download shows and movies from the Netflix mobile app and watch them offline when the screen limit has been reached.

  • What should I watch on Netflix?

    The best shows on Netflix include exclusive series like Stranger Things, Cobra Kai, The Crown, and The Umbrella Academy. The best movies on Netflix include originals like The Prom, The Devil All the Time, and Fear Street: 1994.

  • Can I get Netflix for free?

    Netflix no longer offers free trials, but you may be able to get Netflix for free from your cell phone provider or cable company through a promotion. Alternatively, you can get someone else to share their account with you, but you'll be subject to the account holder's screen limit.

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