How Many iPad Apps Are in the App Store?

The App Store currently hosts over 1.5 million apps designed for iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Of these apps, more than 725,000 are designed specifically for the iPad. But with the iPad's ability to run iPhone apps in compatibility mode, the device can successfully run most of the apps in the app store.  

Over 100 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store, with an estimated 90% of apps being downloaded each month. On average, iOS users download and use around 100 apps.

How to Run iPhone Apps on the iPad in Compatibility Mode

There is no need to look for a specific setting to run iPhone apps on your iPad.   The iPad automatically goes into compatibility mode when an iPhone-only app is launched.   The iPhone app is expanded to fit on the iPad's larger screen, but a button shows up on the upper-left corner of the display that lets you flip between the zoomed-in size and the original size.

In fact, the hardest part about running iPhone-only apps is finding them.  By default, the App Store will only show apps that are designed for the iPad.  When searching the App Store, you can switch from iPad apps to iPhone apps by tapping the link in the upper-left corner labeled "iPad Only."  This drops down a menu that allows you to choose "iPhone Only".  Despite the name, the list contains both universal apps, which run on both the iPad and iPhone and iPhone-specific apps.

What Are the Most Downloaded iPad Apps?

Apple hasn't released a list of overall app downloads, but they did release the most downloaded apps in 2014.  The following chart breaks them down based on free apps and paid apps:

Paid Free
Minecraft - Pocket Edition YouTube
Cut the Rope 2 Netflix
Heads Up! Calculator for iPad Free
The Room Two Skype for iPad
Survivalcraft Microsoft Word
Notability Facebook Messenger
Terraria Facebook
Plants vs Zombies HD Candy Crush Saga
Hide N Seek Chrome Web Browser
Card Wars - Adventure Time Clash of Clans