How Many People Use Email Worldwide?

The statistics will astonish you

By early 2019, nearly 3.8 billion email accounts were in existence, according to a recent Radicati Group study. Put another way, more than half the world's people use email right now. Radicati expects that number to reach 4.2 billion by the end of 2022.

The Radicati Group's estimates have been a bit high in the past. It's possible the real number will fall short of their projections.

How Many Email Accounts Are There?

Since many people have multiple email accounts, the number of worldwide email accounts is growing at a faster pace than the number of worldwide email users, Radicati said. The average number of email accounts per user ratio was about 1.75 in 2018. By 2022, that ratio will reach 1.86 accounts per user.

Gmail alone has an estimated 1 billion+ monthly active users. Look at this chart for a visual trend of Gmail users increasing in number over the years.

How Many Users Are There?

In early 2018, had a reported 400 million active users. However, that number hasn't changed as drastically as the Gmail statistics.

In July 2011, Microsoft said it reached 360 million active users for its Windows Live Hotmail service worldwide.

How Many Corporate Users Are There?

Both consumer and corporate users compose the Radicati Group's estimate of 3.8 billion email users. Because it isn't clear how the email accounts are differentiated between consumer and business users, it's hard to measure the statistic's accuracy.

In 2010, the Radicati Group reported 730 million business email inboxes worldwide, which at the time was 25 percent of all email accounts.

How Many Emails Are Sent Each Day?

As of 2019, an astonishing 293.6 billion emails were sent per day, and that number will reportedly grow to more than 333 billion in 2022.

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