How Many Amazon Echos Does Your Home Need?

Echo devices are useful wherever you have smart devices or listen to music

The number of Amazon Echo devices that your home needs depends on the size of your home, how many smart devices you have, and a handful of other factors. You can get by with a single Echo if all you want is a smart speaker that can answer your questions and play music in your office or living room, but you'll need quite a few more if you have smart devices in every room of your house and you're trying to create a connected home.

What’s the Right Number of Echo Devices?

To figure out the correct number of Echo devices for your home, you can start by thinking about how you use Alexa daily and how you would like to use Echo devices in the future. If you only use Alexa to play music and answer questions, get one Echo for each room where you want to do those things. Houses with many smart devices (like smart switches and bulbs) will need more Echo devices in more rooms.

The general rule of thumb is that you will want to have an Echo in every room with any smart devices and any room where you wish to have access to Alexa. An Echo Dot will usually suffice in small spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms, while you may want to consider a full-sized Echo for your living room, an Echo Show to look up recipes and watch videos in your kitchen, and so on.

You can also connect Echo devices for stereo sound, so some rooms can benefit from having more than one Echo. For example, you may want to put two full-sized Echos in your living room or anywhere else you like to listen to music.

Here are some typical setups:

  • Living room: One Echo, or a stereo pair of Echos with an optional Echo Sub.
  • Bedroom: One Echo Dot, an Echo Dot with Clock Display, or an Echo Spot.
  • Kitchen: One Echo, or an Echo Show.
  • Home office: One Echo Dot, or an Echo Show.
  • Bathroom: One Echo Dot or an Echo Flex.
  • Garage: One Echo Dot or an Echo Flex.
  • Hallway: No Echo or an Echo Flex if none of your other Echo devices can hear you there.

You don't always need an Echo in every room. If you have connected rooms where the Echo in the adjoining room can hear your commands, you can get by with just that Echo. You can also substitute an Echo Flex in any room where you'll activate smart devices and ask Alexa questions.

Where Should Echo Dots Be Placed?

You can put Echo Dots anywhere you want, but keep in mind that the sound quality isn’t as good as the full-sized Echo Dot. They sound pretty good if you use two Echo Dots in a stereo pair with an Echo Sub, but they can’t compare to the full-sized Echo because their speakers are physically smaller.

The Echo Dot with Clock is a good choice for placing in a bedroom because it can effectively replace your old clock radio.

Some great places for Echo Dots include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Garages
  • Any room with smart devices

Can You Have Two Echo Dots on One Amazon Account?

You can have two Echo Dots on one Amazon account. In fact, you can have as many Echo Dots, Echos, and other Echo devices on one Amazon account as you like. Amazon doesn’t place a limit, and you can control all of your Echo devices through the Alexa app on your phone. 

How Many Echo Dots Can Be Connected?

You can pair two Echo Dots for stereo sound, and you can also connect a stereo pair of Echo Dots to an Echo Sub. That’s the limit to how many Echo Dots you can connect, but you can also add many more Echo Dots to your Amazon account and use them together in multi-room music.

The number of Echo Dots that can be connected and play music together throughout your house is limited by your Wi-Fi router and Amazon’s server capacity. Amazon doesn’t say what the limit is, but users typically report having trouble connecting more than 30 Echo devices at once to play multi-room music.

Can I Have Two Alexas in My House?

You can have as many Alexa devices in your house as you like, and you can even use two Alexa accounts in one home. If you want to use two Amazon accounts with one Echo device, you need to set up Amazon Household. Then you can switch between the two Amazon accounts by saying, “Alexa, switch accounts.”

You may experience problems if you have two Alexa devices in the same room, and they’re each signed into different Amazon accounts that aren’t in the same Amazon Household. When two Alexa devices using the same account hear a command, only the device that’s closest to you will reply. If the devices use different accounts, they’ll both hear your commands and try to respond.

If you have Alexa devices with two different Amazon accounts in one room, you may be able to solve your problem by setting up Alexa voice recognition. The owner of each Amazon account should set up voice recognition so that only their own Alexa devices respond to their commands.

  • How many Echo Dots are there?

    There have been four generations of Echo Dots. Amazon released a third- and fourth-generation Echo Dot with Clock and a fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition along with the four main models. The Echo Dot Kids is Alexa-enabled and features child-friendly content and parental controls.

  • How do I pair two Echo Dots?

    Place your Echo Dots near each other and set up your Echo devices with the Alexa app if you haven't already. Then tap Devices > + (Plus) > Combine Speakers > Stereo pair/subwoofer > select your Echo Dots > and choose Next. Confirm the placement of the speakers > tap Next > and name your Echo Dot stereo pairing.

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