How Long Do Snap Spectacles Take to Charge?

Learn how to charge your Snapchat Spectacles

What to Know

  • Spectacles will take 30 to 60 minutes to charge.
  • Charge Spectacles by connecting them to the included USB power source.
  • Spectacles battery life is variable, going from a few hours to a few days.

This article explains how to charge Snapchat Spectacles, how long Spectacles take to charge, and what the battery life on Snapchat Spectacles is like.

Some generations of Spectacles come with a case that can itself charge and be charged, but not all Spectacles come with a charging case. (i.e., Spectacles 2). This article will talk about the direct charging of Spectacles without a case.

How to Charge Snapchat Spectacles

Connect the included USB power source to an outlet, and connect the power source directly to your Spectacles. Once connected, the LED on the outside of your Spectacles will flash.

While charging, you can check your Spectacles' charge level by looking at the same LEDs on the outside of the Spectacles.

Certain generations of Spectacles, like the Spectacles 2, can be charged while resting within their carrying case. These cases have no electronics within them, but rather simply allow Spectacles to rest in a position that makes their charging port easy to access. To be clear, the Spectacles 2 don't have a case that charges the Spectacles.

How Long Do Spectacles Take to Charge?

On average, Spectacles take between 30 minutes and an hour to charge, but naturally, this will depend on their charge level when charging begins.

Simply observe the LEDs on the outside of Spectacles to check the charge level. If the LEDs aren't lit up, press the button on your Spectacles to see their charge level.

On iOS, automatic uploading of Snaps taken on Spectacles to your device isn't supported, while charging and connected to your home Wi-Fi, Spectacles on iOS can upload their Snaps to your iOS device.

What's Snapchat Spectacles' Battery Life Like?

Battery life on Spectacles varies a lot, which is why Snapchat itself isn't clear in its marketing exactly how long Spectacles can last on a single charge.

Depending on how much you use your Spectacles to take Snaps and upload your Snaps to your device, battery life can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days.

Generally speaking, if you use your Spectacles to take Snaps a few times a day when you're out and about, a handful of pictures here and a couple of videos there, then it's likely you'll be at the longer end of the battery life spectrum.

Tips for Conserving Charge on Spectacles

Taking videos and connecting to an iOS or Android device to upload Snaps are the most power-intensive features of Spectacles, so minimizing these will lead to longer battery life on a single charge.

For example, on iOS, by waiting to import Snaps to your iOS device until you're done taking Snaps at the moment, as opposed to taking a few Snaps, uploading them, and taking a few more, your Spectacles battery will last longer.

It's also important to remember that Spectacles hold up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos at once, and when Snaps are transferred off Spectacles, they're deleted from its internal storage, so you don't need to worry about sending Snaps before you fill up your storage.

  • Why won't my Snapchat Spectacles charge?

    If you're having trouble with your Snapchat Spectacles 2 charging in their charging case, remove them from the case and try refitting them so the magnet connects and they're seated properly. If they're connected properly, you'll see the Spectacles' LED lights flash and pulse. Other ideas: Clean your Spectacles' charging ports, freeing them of any dust and debris, and make sure you connect the charging cable for at least 20 minutes, as it may take a while for the LEDs to light up.

  • Where can I buy Snapchat Spectacles?

    Buy Snapchat Spectacles directly from the Spectacles by Snap website. You can also find new and used Spectacles from Amazon, as well as used Spectacles from Poshmark and eBay.

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