How Location-Based Services Can Benefit B2B Companies

Ways in Which LBS Help B2B Companies and Marketers

Location-based services are now emerging as the most vital aspect of mobile marketing for B2B companies. While these services target consumers by offering them all the information they are searching for, using them in connection with friend-sharing features, rewards and coupons can ensure that these users visit the manufacturer or supplier again and again.

Strangely enough, B2B companies are now only waking up to the innumerable possibilities that LBS could offer them. LBS has a huge potential as far as mobile marketing is concerned since they enable marketers to know exactly which of their users is interested in their product or service and to what extent they interact with the same. Of course, surveys and social media marketing are important aspects as well, but LBS give many more benefits to the marketer. The only point here is that the company needs to convince users to grant them permission to provide more personalized offers to them.

Here is how LBS could be very beneficial for B2B marketers and companies:

Partnerships and Networks

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Two local, small-time companies could probably enter a relationship of mutual benefit by tying up with each other, with the help of LBS. They could, in time, also form a network of companies supporting and promoting each other, so that each one could piggyback on the other’s success. This could open up several avenues for increasing profits of all the companies concerned.


Marketers whose clients use a particular product or service could tie up with the establishments concerned, so as to open up the possibility of earning additional revenue from them via sponsorship or advertising. This would also create additional opportunities for the companies to reach a wider audience, thereby generating more profits for them.

Offering Rewards

Once you understand your customers’ behavior pattern by way of using LBS, you can keep them coming back to you by offering rewards and discounts for those services they use the most. For instance, if one particular user regularly purchases movie tickets, you could probably offer a free or discounted ticket for an upcoming movie. This would act as an incentive for them to visit you more often.

Events and Tradeshows

What kind of events and/or tradeshows are your customers attending? Organizing a mega event on a subject of their liking could attract more users to your services. Of course, this would take a lot of work on your part, both in organizing and financial terms, but once such a thing takes off the ground, the sky would be the limit for you. Tapping the right companies for your event could also create many sponsors for your future events.

Creating a Social Connection

Once you completely understand what your users want, you could even go ahead and link your location-based services to a mobile social network, which would enable your users to share your information with their friends and other contacts. This would be of immense advantage to you, as it would help build your user database without too much extra effort on your part.

Analyzing the Competition

It is important that you not only understand your user’s behavior as concerns your own services, but it is also vital that you know their level of interaction with the competition. Once you understand this aspect, you will be in a position to offer something extra that your rival does not, and thereby, engage them even more. Hence, it is advisable to keep constant track of your consumer behavior via LBS.

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Increasing Contacts

The mobile online world is pretty much fickle and it is not necessary that your customers who are presently loyal to you and your product should always remain that way. While you should always try ways and means to hold onto your present users, you should also try to create more and more new users. For this, you need to study what other users are doing, what services they are using the most and how they interact with the competition. Roping them in will create a new lead generation of clients for you.

Can you think of other ways in which LBS can be useful to B2B companies and marketers? Let us know your views!