How Far From the Screen a Projector Should Be

It depends partly on how big the screen is

Picking the right distance between your projector and the screen is of paramount importance to make sure you get the best image possible. You'll need to pick the right distance for your screen size and projector type, but if you get it just right, you can enjoy a fantastic cinema-like movie and TV watching experience right at home.

What Should Be the Distance Between Projector and Screen?

Since every projector is different, and every projector user tends to have a different screen size, the precise distance for your setup will likely be very different from someone else's. If you have one of the new-generation of short throw projectors, you may be able to place your projector just a few feet from the screen, whereas someone with a more traditional ceiling mounted projector may have to place it 10 or more feet from the screen.

The best place to find out the distance you should set your projector at, is to look in the manual, or on the manufacturer's website. They will have specific instructions for your specific projector to set it up at the perfect distance. That is especially important if you're using a short throw projector, or are mounting the projector somewhere where it needs to use vertical and/or horizontal lens shift, or keystone correction to make the image appear as if the projector was aligned in the center of the screen.

Use the calculators listed below for your particular manufacturer to find a better example of the distance your project should be from the screen.

Do note, that projectors will often have both a minimum and maximum distance that you should set them from the screen to ensure that they can cover the entire screen, or don't go over the outside bounds of it. You may still need to make adjustments to your projector's image once it's set up.

The best advice for building a projector cinema room, is to measure the room and your available screen space before buying any of it. Then settle on both a projector and projector screen that are compatible with your particular room shape and size.

Some manufacturers also have their own projection distance calculators you can use to help:

Projector Central also has its own manufacturer agnostic calculator you can use.

How Far Does a Projector Have to Be From a 120-Inch Screen?

This, again, depends on your particular projector and the aspect ratio of the screen you're looking to project on. You should check your projector manual to get some advice for your specific projector. However, Epsom, for example, suggests that a 120-inch screen should have a projector mounted somewhere between 147 to 160-inches back from the screen, or around 12.5ft.

How Far Should a Projector Be From a 100-Inch Screen?

You should ideally use your projector's manual or manufacturer's website to calculate the best distance from the screen for your particular projector. However, a good rule of thumb for a 100-inch screen, is to have your projector between 122 and 133-inches, or around 10.5ft.

How Far Should a Projector Be From an 80-Inch Screen?

It's a good idea to use your projector's manual to confirm the ideal distance for your projector from the screen, however, for an 80-inch screen, you could use a distance of between 97 and 106-inches, or around 8ft.

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