Guide to the Galaxy S10's Instagram Mode

Edit and post to Instagram directly from your camera

Love sharing photos with your friends and family via Instagram? You might want to consider picking up a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, which features a powerful camera with a new Instagram mode. You can add stickers, text, and hashtags before publishing photos to your Instagram Story on the Samsung S10.

How to Use Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode

Before you can use Instagram mode, download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store. Once you open the Camera app, scroll through the camera modes at the bottom of the screen until you see Instagram.

After you take a picture when in Instagram Mode, you have access to a variety of Instagram photo tools. You can also send the picture to your contacts, tag a friend on Instagram, or post it directly to your Instagram Story.

Instagram mode on Samsung Galaxy 10

How to Enable the Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode

If you don't see the Instagram mode as an option:

  1. Open the Camera app and select Photo mode.

  2. Tap the Settings gear in the upper-left corner.

  3. Scroll down and go to Camera modes > Edit modes, then search for Instagram and tap it to activate Instagram mode.

    How to Enable Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode

An Android 10 update has been known to cause Instagram mode to disappear. If this happens, uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it on your phone.

How Good Is the Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode?

This was a feature many people asked for, so it seemed doubtful it would be able to live up to expectations. And, like many new features, there are some things left to be desired from the S10's Instagram mode.

Samsung and Instagram both suggested the ultra-powerful S10 camera would integrate directly into the Instagram app, providing the clearest high-resolution photos possible with no fuss. Out of the box, it seems this isn't the case. Many S10 users were disappointed Instagram mode doesn't use the highest resolution the S10 camera is capable of capturing. Instead, photos look like they were taken with an older generation phone. You may barely notice the difference, but it's still a disappointment.

Samsung has been quick to respond and has introduced a few fixes to improve Instagram mode. However, in some cases, taking regular pictures and adding them to your Instagram story the old-fashioned way might be a better option.

Is the Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode Worth It?

Since this was one of the most highly-touted features of the new S10 devices, Samsung has strived to work out the kinks and determine what people want from Instagram Mode. As this feature is an official partnering between Samsung and Instagram, the companies want to work together to make it a positive experience. It has the full backing of Samsung and Facebook (Instagram's parent company), and some improvements have been made since the S10 was released. Still, while the Galaxy S10 has some great features, Instagram mode isn't really enough by itself to justify the purchase.

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