How Advances in Cloud Computing Will Transform the World

digits in cloud computing

John Lund / Getty Images

Today, we are certainly accustomed to cloud computing, but from the technological point of view, we’re still in early days of the cloud computing era, and many big companies are taking baby steps towards accepting cloud computing.

By 2020, however, things will be far more settled and organized as the cloud will become the permanent solution in computing infrastructure world. Years from now, we would get to see new kinds of low power processors that would crunch massive workloads into the cloud, housed in very sophisticated and highly automated data centers. These will together support massively scalable and federated software architecture.

Industry experts say that the cloud industry will grow tremendously from $35 Billion today to around $150B by 2020 because, by then, it will be key to most of the big company’s IT infrastructures.

Keeping these changes and developments and growing demand for cloud computing into consideration, here are few ways in which, cloud computing can radically change things around by 2020.

Abstract Infrastructure

This means software will greatly part away from hardware and more and more of technologies will be consumed rather as a service. Director of HP’s Automated Infrastructure Lab, John Manley says: "Cloud computing is the final means by which computing becomes invisible."

Software Will Be Social Media Inspired

Merril claims that software will adopt a few traits seen in social media apps like Facebook. In other words, software and infrastructure will be managed as per requirement and it won’t be the other way round anymore. In that case, developers will no longer worry about offering provisions like server, switch, and storage.

Low Power ARM Chips

Pretty soon, we will see low-power ARM chips flooding the market. These will come with 64-bit capability and once this happens, enterprise-level software will be developed for RISC chips only. All this will help organizations save a lot on their electricity bills. By 2020, this new generation of ARM chips is likely to be seen everywhere.

Ecosystems Like Data Centers

Data centers will work very similar to ecosystems, Commodified hardware and abstracted software are likely to combine and form a data center that will be very similar to an ecosystem in terms of functionality. It will take a biological shape where data correction and changes will occur automatically.

Generation Shift

By 2020, a new generation of CIOs will come to organizations; they will be used to the cloud as a service and they will have expectations of having things as a service. This generation of CIOs will greatly shake things up in the industry, and the overall picture will totally transform by 2020.

Expo 2020

There are a lot of other exciting things lined up for 2020, including the world’s biggest real estate expo 2020 in the Middle East, which of course, may not have any direct impact on the hosting industry, but it’s being speculated that it’d drive development throughout all the sectors in that region. And, since real estate industry would also need domains, hosting space, and cloud solutions for IT needs, it would also indirectly have a positive impact on the hosting industry in the Asia Pacific, especially the Middle Eastern region, which is still growing at the moment.

So, let’s wait and watch how things move around by 2020, but one thing is for sure, cloud computing is the future of the hosting industry and it's definitely going to transform the world over the coming years.