What Is Bill Gates's Email Address?

You actually can email Bill Gates, and he might even respond

One thing you might not know about Bill Gates is that unlike other high-profile people, his email address is publicly available. You can send Bill Gates an email at bill.gates@microsoft.com. You can also try bill.gates@gatesfoundation.com.

On July 16, 1982, a new local area network connected all of the development machines in the Microsoft offices. Called the MILAN, this system brought a new, improved email system to the company. As has become common in corporations, email addresses were assigned by name, with Bill's being billg. This username later developed into his current email.

To contact the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, send an email to info@gatesfoundation.org.

Will Bill Gates Read and Reply to My Email?

Your email to Bill Gates will be read—it's just a matter of who will read it first. It's most likely that the first to see it will be someone at Gates' office and not Bill Gates. However, key emails may be forwarded to him personally.

Gates is a busy man, so you might not even get a reply at all. It is, of course, not entirely impossible; a few people have reported getting quick responses from Gates over the years.

Melinda and Bill Gates attend a session at the Congress Center during the World Economic Forum

Though not as common as Steve Jobs' emails, a few of Gates' email replies have been made public.

  • A 2003 email from Gates regarding a critique of "Windows Usability" shows how detailed Gates is when encountering issues with Microsoft's products. As Gates himself admitted, this behavior is not uncommon and should actually be expected as part of his job.
  • In 1994, author John Seabrook had a very interesting and lengthy email correspondence while working on a story for The New Yorker. The new form of communication was still in its infancy and the conversation focused on the importance of email. In it, Gates made some profound predictions. His advice for keeping calm when using it is great advice to this day: "Email is not a good way to get mad at someone since you can’t interact."

More Information on Contacting Bill Gates

You can follow the former Microsoft CEO on his blog at GatesNotes.com to keep up on his latest adventure and what causes he cares about.

Bill Gates has also been known to converse with the public through Reddit AMAs, such as this "Ask Me Anything" thread. While you can private message Bill Gates on Reddit through his carefully chosen username thisisbillgates, it's probably even less likely that he'll respond than if you email him.

Surprisingly, Bill Gates does not get as many emails as you might think. He told US Today in 2013 that he only receives about "40 or 50 emails a day."

The Bill Gates Email Scam

If you get an email from Bill Gates stating that he wants to give you money, it's a scam. Names as big as Bill Gates are commonly used by scammers to grab your attention in the hopes of getting your money, and this one has been circulating for years.

Gates is known for his philanthropy, but that doesn't mean he sends random people emails offering millions of dollars.