How Can App Developers Ensure Better Client Mobile Security?

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Question: How Can App Developers Ensure Better Client Mobile Security?

The mobile industry is booming like never before. This has created a number of types of mobile devices, mobile OS’ and apps for the same. Individual app developers and companies are now busy developing apps for multiple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. While this is great news for developers, manufacturers and end-users alike, the mobile boom is not without its risks. In fact, using mobile devices is getting to be tricky, as mobile security is getting to be a constant concern.

How can mobile app developers ensure maximum mobile security for their clients? What aspects do they need to know about designing a mobile app in a way that it would give the end-user the maximum amount of protection online?


We have for you a section of basic questions and answers on mobile security, which should help throw light on some of developers’ commonest security-related questions. Here is a basic FAQ section on mobile security for developers.

Is it more risky to develop software for mobile devices than developing enterprise software?

It is definitely a lot more risky developing software for mobile devices. The major danger with apps for mobile devices is that they are extremely vulnerable to external attack and can be jailbroken at point of time. This happens especially with devices such as Android and the iPhone. A jailbroken device gives an experienced hacker access to the source code, thus possibly enabling him or her to change and redevelop the whole mobile app itself.

Do mobile apps keep constant interaction with internal servers?

Yes, mobile apps are always connected to the internal server. While this is good for the end-user, as it provides him a number of conveniences, it is also disadvantageous, since an experienced hacker can easily get access to this internal server, once he succeeds in jailbreaking it. Hence, while manufacturers need to look into the hardware part of mobile security, that is, the security features provided in the handset itself; developers need to figure out how and to what extent they want their mobile app to interact with the internal server.

Who can I contact in order to know more about mobile security and security breaches?

You may not be able to find too many mobile app developers specializing in mobile security and mobile anti-virus. Nevertheless, there are several experts in the field who can advice you about several aspects of mobile security. Many of these individuals can also help you detect a possible security breach in your mobile app, re-program your app in order to clean it up and also advice you on the actions you can take to prevent similar future attacks. It is desirable for all mobile app development companies to keep a team of such personnel ready at all times.

How can I ensure that sensitive client data will not be disclosed on their smartphones after session expiry?

The only way to protect your client’s sensitive smartphone data is to develop a particular code that will erase the private data as soon as his or her browsing session expires. Otherwise, the data will continue to remain on the device, causing a potential mobile security hazard. As mobile technology and mobile security techniques keep advancing, hackers too are developing better and more foolproof techniques to gain entry into a mobile system. Hence, manufacturers and developers have to constantly watch over their mobile OS or mobile app and keep checking the system for errors, so as to minimize chances of security breaches.

How can I enhance my knowledge of mobile security?

Mobile security is a fairly new industry, which is now evolving at a rapid rate. There is much to learn about the dynamics of a mobile app and how hackers can gain access into a mobile device. What you can do to enhance your knowledge on the subject is to keep abreast of the latest aspects of mobile security, participate in forums and workshops and keep in constant touch with experts on the subject.