How to Set Your Outlook Mail on the Web Time Zone

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The correct time zone in Outlook Mail on the Web prevents you from sending emails with the wrong date and time.

A Brief Rationale for Time Zones

As the globe spins, different parts of it point to the sun. So, dusk and dawn and noon occur, and they occur at different times around the earth from east to west.

Historically, time was kept locally based on sunrise and sunset, and noon perhaps. When people did not travel fast and most means of communication were equally slow, this was convenient and unproblematic.

With the advent, though, of railroads and their schedules as well as more instantaneous communication over long distances, local times differing by a few minutes made coordination cumbersome. So, whole areas got to use the same time. Meanwhile, the globe spun on, and people did want the time on their watch to correspond, at least roughly, to sunrise, sunset and noon.

The earth thus was divided into time zones. Still a bit cumbersome, but at least the conversion is typically confined to whole hours and within regions you typically need not convert at all.

Time Zones and Email

Emails, of course, are sent all across the world, and often we are ignorant where one was sent. Behind the scenes, email services and programs convert all times and dates to where you are—provided the system does know where you are.

In Outlook Mail on the Web, changing your time zone so it matches your location is easy, whether you travel or just find it off. To rule out even more potential time confusion, make sure your computer is set to the correct time zone, too.

Set Your Outlook Mail on the Web Time Zone (And Avoid Emails Sent Hours Off the Correct Time)

To make sure the time zone your Outlook Mail on the Web account uses correspond to the time zone of your location (and computer):

  1. Select the settings gear icon (⚙️) in Outlook Mail on the Web.

  2. Select Options from the menu that has appeared.

  3. Open the General category in the Options sidebar.

  4. Now select Region and time zone.

  5. Select the desired time zone under Current time zone.

  6. Select Save.

Set Your Windows Live Hotmail Time Zone

To set your Windows Live Hotmail time zone to your actual time and date:

  1. Select Options > More Options in Windows Live Hotmail.

  2. Follow the View and edit your personal information link under Manage your account.

  3. Select Registered information under your name, email address, country, and birth date.

  4. Select the desired time zone under Time zone: for Home location.

    You may have to correct Country/region for Home location as well to make the proper time zone available.

  5. Select Save.