Windows Live Hotmail Had a Spell Checker

Spell Checker Not Included in Successor

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Windows Live Hotmail was discontinued and it is now There is no spell checker in, it relies on the checker built into the web browser you are using. If your browser doesn't have a built-in spellcheck, search for an add-on one.

Use the Windows Live Hotmail Spell Checker

Those who seek shall find, and those who type shall make mistakes. Spell checkers combine these two tautologies by seeking (and hopefully finding) the mistakes you make when you type emails.

 Windows Live Hotmail offers one of those useful spell checkers, but it tends to hide this capability.

To check the spelling of a message you are composing in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Click Spell check in the message's toolbar.
    • To correct a misspelled word (marked with a red underline), click it and select the desired alternate spelling.

Note that Windows Live Hotmail's built-in spell checker does not work in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and possibly other browsers that do themselves check the spelling of text you type.

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