How to Do a URL Search on Google

The inurl command filters results by what's in the web address

inurl Google search illustration

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Among the many advanced search commands you can perform on Google is one that lets you do a URL search. What this does is lets you filter the results to show only the ones that have certain words in the URL.

You might do a URL search like this if you know that the data you're after is on a web page where the URL contains a certain word or number, or even a particular phrase. This is possible through the inurl command.

What you're essentially telling Google is "Show me results where xyz is in the URL," but instead of typing that, you phrase it with the "inurl" command.

The inurl command is very similar to the "site" command used to search by a specific web address. However, as you read above, using inurl filters the results by what's in the actual URL, whereas the site command filters results by the domain name.

How to Use the inurl Command on Google

The inurl command is pretty straightforward. Just enter inurl: (no space afterward) and then your search term.

inurl Google search example

Here are some examples of how to use inurl on Google:

You aren't just limited to that one search command. You can combine any others with inurl for even more specific results.

Avoid putting spaces in your URL search, such as inurl:free games. What that does is breaks the command, essentially locating URLs that contain "free" but then web pages that have the word "games" in them. However, feel free to add more than one command (e.g., inurl:free inurl:games) to ensure that all the URLs that show up in the results include both words.