Hostinger Web Hosting Review

A VPS with prices no one can beat

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What We Like

  • Offers great value for money

  • Has a website builder with rich features

  • Custom site management panel has plenty of features

What We Don't Like

  • No phone support for customer service

  • There's a learning curve to use the custom panel

  • You're limited to a single website

Hostinger is a great hosting service that works well for novices and veterans alike. While the custom panel has a bit of a learning curve, it’s just as good as, if not better than cPanel, and the pricing is hard to compete with.





One of the most annoying things about most cheap web hosting services is that they give rather false discounts designed to offer you service so bad that you have no choice but to upgrade to their more premium plans. Hostinger, which we found to be a great service, is a true exception to this rule. Hostinger has been around for a long time (since 2004), and in that time has managed to amass a user base of over 29 million. You don’t get that many users by offering terrible service!


Other Available Levels of Service

Hostinger offers a wide variety of service levels, including options for shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Windows VPS Hosting, and email hosting. Here's how those service levels break down:

Shared Hosting

Plan Website Email Accounts Domain Backups Price ($)
Single 1 1 Not included None .80
Premium Unlimited Unlimited Free Weekly 2.15
Business Unlimited Unlimited Free Daily 3.45

Cloud Hosting

Plan Dedicated IP Disk Space Ram CPU Cores Price($)
Startup Included 40 GB SSD 3 GB 2 9.99
Professional Included 80 GB SSD 6 GB 4 18.99
Enterprise Included 160 GB SSD 12 GB 6 35.99

VPS Hosting

VCPU Memory Storage Bandwidth Price ($)
1 vCPU 1 GB 20 GB 1000 GB 2.95
2 vCPU 2 GB 40 GB 2000 GB 8.95
3 vCPU 3 GB 60 GB 3000 GB 12.95
4 vCPU 4 GB 80 GB 4000 GB 15.95
6 vCPU 6 GB 120 GB 6000 GB 23.95
8 vCPU 8 GB 160 GB 8000 GB 29.95

Windows VPS Hosting

Memory Cores Storage Bandwidth Price ($)
2 GB 4 cores 50 GB 4000 GB 26
4 GB 4 cores 100 GB 5000 GB 62
8 GB 4 cores 200 GB 6000 GB 120
16 GB 4 cores 400 GB 7000 GB 250

Email Hosting

Plan Storage Email Type Doc Manager Price ($)
Business 5 GB Domain-Based Not Included .59
Enterprise 25 GB Domain-Based Included 2.19

Storage: It’s Enough for Most Users

This plan offers 10GB of disk space on a shared server. Note that the storage space accounts for the entire account and will be shared among all your files.

If your needs aren’t too complicated and all you want is to put up a nice page on the internet for everyone to see, this is a great place to start.

Bandwidth: Shared With Server Neighbors

 With the shared hosting service, you get a bandwidth of 100 GB. Note that this is shared bandwidth, since you’re on a shared server, which means it may be higher or lower than advertised, depending on how much traffic your neighbors on the server are getting.

 Registration Process: Fast and Straightforward


The registration process is fairly straightforward and takes only minutes to complete. On this particular plan, the domain isn’t included, so you’ll have to migrate a domain from another service or register a new domain and import it. Either way, the process is quite intuitive.

Domain & Site Management: Custom Panel Optimized for WordPress

Setting up a new site is easy with the custom panel, and you can easily upload site files and install a CMS as you grow your site. This particular panel is specially optimized for WordPress. Also, in case you’re a newbie to building websites, you can do it in minutes with the customer website builder.

Advanced Options: Easy & Intuitive with Rich Features

The advanced options include access to SQL and PHP, one-click application installers for features like Joomla, and plenty of other rich features that make running your website easy and intuitive.

Administration: Limited to One User and One Domain

On this plan, you are restricted to one user and one domain, so you can’t add any other users. However, on other plans, you should be able to add other users using a few clicks of your mouse. Payment options are also set up intuitively, allowing you to pay using both your credit card and cryptocurrencies. 

Hostinger’s Website Builder: More Impressive Than You’d Expect

Hostinger offers a free website builder. You might expect it to be basic, seeing as it’s free, but it’s actually quite impressive. Most hosting services don’t put much thought or effort into their website builders, but Hostinger took their time and it shows. With the templates on their website builder, you can easily build a cool website.

To be sure, the templates won’t necessarily allow you to build some next-generation website, but at least you’ll get something that is both professional and offers much of the same functionality you would get from a custom landing page creator out there. 

If your needs aren’t too complicated and all you want is to put up a nice page on the internet for everyone to see, this is a great place to start. 

Money-Back Guarantee: Time to Make an Informed Decision

Many hosting service providers offer money-back guarantees, so they’re becoming more and more common. However, there is still often that odd hosting provider that won’t give a money-back guarantee. 

A money-back guarantee is a powerful signal that tells customers you’re confident in the service that you’re offering and that you want to treat your customers right.

Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which they sometimes call a free trial on their website, but it’s the same thing. Anytime during the first 30-days of your subscription, you can stop using Hostinger if you don't like it for any reason. And you keep your money. That certainly increases your faith in the service and makes you want to use it more. 

Custom Panel: hPanel Takes Some Getting Used To

Hostinger doesn’t use the same cPanel you'll find with most other hosting providers. Instead, Hostinger uses a proprietary hPanel. It can be a bit difficult to use at first if you’re used to cPanel, and the learning curve might be annoying. However, the custom hPanel is very intuitive and easy to learn. It’s also user-friendly, allowing you to use a ton of features that you might not even find on the cPanel. 

Support: No Phone Support but Live Chat is Fast

Phone support is nonexistent on Hostinger’s customer support. Many people would like to talk on the phone with someone when they have an issue, and it certainly feels better and more reassuring than live chat or email. Many hosting services offer phone support so it seems rather weird that such a competitive hosting service doesn’t offer it as well.

On that front, Hostinger will admittedly have to take a hit. Another interesting thing is that you must sign up for a Hostinger account before you can talk to the customer support on live chat, which is a little strange considering you’ve probably already signed up for hosting by that point. 

Once you're signed up, though, the live chat is open 24/7 and is very reliable, with customer service reps responding to all your queries and helping you out with your issues in record time. 

Another great thing about Hostinger that compensates for the lack of phone support is the rich knowledge base. In that knowledge base, you can find nearly all the answers to just about any question you have. Most of the time you should be able to find a solution to your problem without even needing to contact support. You’ll have to rely heavily on the search bar, however, as the knowledge base is organized rather poorly.   

Price: Very Competitive


The most attractive feature of Hostinger is its pricing. You might be wondering how they can manage to provide a price as low as $0.80/month, and still provide high-quality service.

To start with, all their shared plans are locked to a subscription of 48 months in advance, which means you’ll pay for 48 months when you first register, not one. For the $0.80/month shared hosting plan, you’ll pay $38.40 for the full term of the contract. The 48-month term (4 years) probably sounds like a long time to commit yourself to a single hosting provider but at less than what you'll pay for some other services for a single year, it’s worth it. 

Hostinger is a great web hosting service with a price no one else in the hosting world can beat.

Hostinger’s conditions are a lot more relaxed than what you would get from other hosting services. Besides, upgrading can be done at any time when you want more features, and the higher-priced plans are still quite affordable. 

Competition: Hostinger vs BlueHost

BlueHost is Hostinger’s greatest competitor and has a lot of features comparable to those of Hostinger.

  •  Pricing: Hostinger beats BlueHost when it comes to pricing. BlueHost’s lowest-priced tier costs $2.75 per month on a 36-month contract and increase to $4.95 per month if you prefer a 12-month contract. By comparison, Hostinger’s $0.80 per month, even on a 48-month contract, is less expensive.
  • Bandwidth and Storage: BlueHost comes out on top here, with unmetered bandwidth and storage, allowing you to have a theoretically unlimited number of visitors to your website. Meanwhile, Hostinger caps bandwidth and storage at 100GB and 10GB, respectively. BlueHost also offers 5 free email accounts and gives you a free domain for the first year on their lowest-priced tier.
  • Site Transfer: Free on Hostinger while you have to pay for it on BlueHost.
  • Customer Support: Equally matched on both services with both offering 24/7 live chat.
  • Features: Most of the features on Hostinger can also be found on BlueHost, including one-click installations and website builders.

Overall, BlueHost manages to match Hostinger on many features. However, the one area where Hostinger comes out as the undisputed winner is pricing. Hostinger’s price hasn’t been beaten by any other hosting service. It’s that good!

Hostinger is a great web hosting service with a price no one else in the hosting world can beat. If you’re looking for price competitiveness without sacrificing the quality of service, then this is a great place to go.

Final Verdict

Hosting is best for individuals and small businesses that want inexpensive hosting.

If you're just starting a website and won't need a lot of bandwidth or storage, and you want to keep your costs low, Hostinger offers a a great service with the tools you'll need to get your site up and running.


  • Product Name Hostinger Single Shared Hosting Plan
  • Product Brand Hostinger
  • Price $.80
  • Other Available Levels of Service Tiered, Dedicated, and Shared
  • Storage 10GB
  • Bandwidth 100GB
  • Platform Linux
  • Registration Process A simple registration process that takes minutes
  • Domain & Site Management Uses custom hPanel
  • Advanced Options Custom panel has plenty of features.
  • Administration Does not allow the addition of other users or domains. Limited to a single website.
  • Support Offers 24/7 customer support
  • File Access FTP/S
  • Shell Access Yes
  • Version Control Git
  • Payment Options Credit card, PayPal, and crypt
  • Price .80/month
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