Hook Readers With a Blog Post Introduction

Use the Inverted Pyramid

The title of your blog post, first sentence, and first paragraph are critical to capturing people's attention, getting them to read the post, and motivating them to share the post. If your blog post opening is dull, no one will read or share it. That's a recipe for blogging failure! Instead, instantly hook your readers with an irresistible blog post introduction by following the writing tips below.

Present a Problem

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Write like a copywriter and present a problem in the opening of your blog post along with a promise to solve that problem if a person continues to read the full post. Keep in mind, problems don't have to be tangible or real. Copywriters create perceived problems all the time, and you can do it in your blog posts, too.

Make It Personal and Invite Participation

Don't just talk at your blog's audience; talk with them. An easy way to invite them to participate in your post, boost interactivity, and engage them is to open your blog post by asking a question. This helps readers personalize the post content, and it makes them feel like you value their opinions. Even if your opinion is unlikely to match the majority point-of-view, you can still start with a question that invites courteous debate.

Share Some Data

Statistics make great blog post openers, particularly when statistics are surprising to your readers. Considering how well shock advertising works, it makes sense that opening a blog post with a shocking statistic works to increase blog readership. However, you can use a variety of types of data to open a blog post in a compelling way. Intriguing data, brand new data, amazing data, and even questionable data can make your blog post irresistible.

Tell a Story

People love stories, so think like a storyteller and start your blog post off by telling a story that taps into your audience's emotions. Follow the first rule of fiction writing and show something to your readers through your words, don't just tell them something through your words. Stories are intriguing. Facts are boring. Therefore, pique your readers' emotions and make them want to learn what happens next by opening your blog post with a great story.

Get Nostalgic

Remember when ... Those two words are perfect for the start of a blog post because they invite readers to get nostalgic and think about a better time, a happier time, or simply a different time. Whether you're reminding people how lucky they are today than they were way back when or you're just trying to elicit emotions of happy times gone by, nostalgia is a powerful thing that leaves readers not only longing for different times but also longing to read more of your blog post.

Start with the Conclusion

Write like a journalist using the inverted pyramid to provide the most important facts first. It can be tempting to overdo your blog post introduction and fill it with extraneous details saving the "payoff" for last. However, this method of writing won't work. People who read blogs move very quickly, and you need to make it clear what the reader will learn by taking the time to read your content at the very beginning of your post. If you're tempted to save your best point for later in your post, then you need to rewrite that post and push the most important information to the beginning. Hook readers with the best information first and leave it up to them to decide whether they want to keep reading. Don't save your best information for last and hope they stick around long enough to get to it.