HomePod 15 Beta 5 Includes Spatial and Lossless Audio

It could be part of the public iOS 15 release

Apple includes support for spatial and lossless audio in its latest HomePod 15 beta, though the options may not appear for everyone.

Some HomePod 15 beta testers have noticed new toggle options for Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio in the newest version (beta 5). With both spatial and lossless audio being tested, it's clear that Apple is planning to publicly release these features on all HomePods in the near future. HomePods can currently utilize Dolby Atmos when connected to an Apple TV 4K, but this update would expand the functionality beyond that specific restriction.

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9to5Mac points out that these functions are not appearing for all HomePod 15 beta testers, however. There isn't a pattern to the distribution, but if you're running the newest HomePod 15 beta along with iOS 15, it is possible to check on the Home app. The toggles can be found in Home Settings > your profile > Media > Apple Music, if they're available to you.

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Once turned on, your HomePod can play music from a supported device in either format. You'll then be able to hear your favorite songs with no audio compression of any kind (lossless) or with immersive surround sound (Dolby Atmos). It doesn't appear as though you can combine the two options simultaneously, however.

Apple hasn't yet provided a target date for when spatial and lossless audio for HomePods will become publicly available. It's likely—though not guaranteed—that it plans to roll out the new features along with the public release of iOS 15

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