The Best Home Theater Gifts For Mom - 2018

We all love Mom. Give her something she'll love this year

Home Theater isn't just for the guys, check out some great home theater gift ideas for Mom! Budget to high-end, this list will help you make Mom smile.


Samsung MU7000 Series 4K UHD TV
Samsung MU7000 Series 4K UHD TV. Image courtesy of Amazon

Looking for a great gift for Mom that the whole family can enjoy? An affordable Samsung MU7000 Series UHD TV may just the ticket. Although the entry featured here is the 49-inch model, this series comes in 3 additional screen sizes: 40, 55, and 65-inches .

Within its silver bezel, the MU series sets incorporate a Flat LCD screen with energy efficient LED Edge Lighting (with UHD dimming for improved contrast), 4K display resolution, and Clear Motion Rate 120 processing.

However, one added bonus is the incorporation of HDR. This feature provides enhance brightness and contrast from select specially-encoded content from streaming services, such as Netflix and Vudu, as well from 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs (Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player required).

3 HDMI inputs are included, as well as 2 USB inputs for accessing content from flash drives and other compatible devices.

The sets in the MU7000 series connects directly to an internet router via Ethernet or WiFi, providing access to internet-based content, such as Netflix, YouTube, and more, including a full web browser. internet functions are easily navigated through the Tizen Smart TV Operating System.

Now, you normally think all of the above is definitely enough to make Mom smile, but there is more, including Screen Mirroring (Mom can wirelessly send content from a compatible smartphone or tablet to the TV for the whole family to enjoy), and, by the same token, the SmartView 2.0 feature allows Mom to pull content showing on the TV to her compatible smartphone and tablet to take somewhere else in the house. Mom can even control many TV functions using the remote control's voice interaction function.

However, all these features don't mean much without good picture quality, and with that in mind, the detail provided with 4K display resolution capability (as well as video upscaling for lower resolution content) as well as Samsung's Color Drive Pro processing, Essential Black Pro, and HDR enables the MU7000 series to deliver a very satisfying TV viewing experience. More »

Vizio D-Series 1080p LED/LCD TV Example
Vizio D-Series 1080p LED/LCD TV Example. Image provided by Vizio

If you are looking for an impressive gift for Mom that doesn't cost as much as you think? If so, check out the Vizio D-Series LED/LCD TVs.

Some of the great features included in this group, such as the 40-inch model listed here, include a stylish thin bezel, 1080p native screen display resolution supported by Full Array Backlighting and Local Dimming. What this means is that there is lots of great detail and even blacks and whites across the screen, as well as consistent color.

These sets are also fully equipped smart TVs with both Ethernet and built-in Wifi that provide easy access to a lot of great streaming TV programs, movies, and music from services, such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, and more...

For Audio, all of Vizio's D-Series TVs have built-in speakers, but can easily be connected to an, can also be connected to an external audio system, such as a sound bar or home theater receiver via either analog, digital optical, HDMI Audio Return Channel audio output options (or all three - depending on model). More »

BenQ i500 Smart Video Projector With Remote
BenQ i500 Smart Video Projector With Remote. Images provided by BenQ

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Give Mom the gift of really big screen movie entertainment with a video projector. One that would be a great choice is the BenQ i500.

What makes this projector special is that while it is very compact, 8.5(W) x 3.7(H) x 8(D) inches, it packs in a lot of great features.

First, it doesn't use a traditional lamp, but combines DLP Pico chip and LED light source technology (that means no periodic lamp replacement hassle or cost).

Second, the BenQ i500 provides 720p native display resolution.

Third, it also has built-in speakers that are louder than you would expect (However, with for a full surround sound experience, I always recommend using an external audio system).

However, an added audio bonus is that the when video projector is not on, you can activate the projector's Bluetooth feature and stream music directly from your smartphone to the i500 and hear it through its speakers.

Fourth, what really makes the BenQ i500 stand out, is that it features a Smart TV platform (Android OS) that provides access to several internet streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, Hulu, and more... More »

Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Disc Player
Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Disc Player. Image provided by Sony Electronics

Give Mom the gift of Blu-ray!

The Sony BDP-S6700 was introduced in 2016. This player is compatible with both 3D and 2D Blu-ray Discs (including BD-R/RE), DVDs (including most recordable DVD formats), and CDs (including CD-R/RW/MP3). Also, if Mom has a 4K Ultra HD TV, the BDP-S6700 also provides 4K upscaling, as well as enhanced color processing for the best possible image quality from her DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

The BDP-S6700 can also access content from connected USB flash drives, as well as the internet (over 200 channels) via Ethernet connection or Wifi to an internet router.

Also, Mom will also be able to stream video content directly to the player (which then sends it to your TV or home theater system) from compatible wireless portable devices via its built-in Miracast feature.

The BDP-S6700 also allows content stored on compatible network-connected devices (such as the family PC) to be sent to the player.

The BDP-S6700 can also be controlled using Sony's Twin View/Media Remote App for iOS and Android, and if you install the Sony SongPal App (ver 3.0) for iOS or Android devices, you can use the BDP-S6700 to stream music from the player to other compatible network-connected devices. In addition, Bluetooth is also included which allows direct music-only streaming from compatible devices to the player.

Note: Your TV must have an HDMI connection, the BDP-S6700 does not provide video connections for older TVs. More »

Roku Express (top) - Roku Ultra (bottom) Media Streamers (not to scale)
Roku Express (top) - Roku Ultra (bottom) Media Streamers (not to scale). Images provided by Roku

When you think media streaming, you think Roku. Roku boxes are small, compact, media streamers that can access over 3,500 channels of internet streaming content including from services, such as, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, MLB TV, Hulu Plus, and more.

Roku also provides a comprehensive search, discovery, and bookmark feature for the top 100 channels that shows what programs and movies are available, as well as a "coming soon" feature that will remind you when they will be available.

You can take also travel with your Roku box and use it in a hotel, someone else's house, or even a dorm room. Also, you need is a smartphone, laptop, or PC to log into your account.

All Roku media streamers provide an HDMI output for connection to an HD or 4K Ultra HD TV. Wifi is provided for internet access.

Roku also provides a mobile app for iOs and Android devices that provides Voice Search, as well as duplicating several menu categories that are a part of the Roku TV onscreen menu system.

Finally, Roku's Play On feature allows you to send videos and photos from your smartphone to your Roku box and see them on your TV screen.

There are several models to choose from, including some that are 4K-enabled - More »

Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System
Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System. Image courtesy of Amazon

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TVs don't sound all that good these days - after all, how much in the way of speakers can you fit inside their thin frames? However, you can still get great sound for your TV without necessarily resorting to all the clutter of a multi-channel home theater speaker system.

The Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar is a good sounding, easy-to-setup-and-use system that comes packaged with a Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer. The sound bar section is about 36-inches wide and can be wall or shelf mounted, providing a good physical complement to a TVs with 32 to 46-inch screen sizes (although you can match it with both smaller and larger TVs). The wireless subwoofer is extremely compact, making easy-to-place without sticking out from room decor, but still delivers surprisingly good bass.

The SP-SB23W is attractive and features sturdy wood cabinet construction, six independently amplified speakers (four mid-range/two tweeters), Dolby Digital Audio decoding, and three sound listening modes (Music, Movies, Dialog). In addition, standard analog and digital optical audio inputs, as well as Bluetooth connectivity, are provided to access sound from your TV, Blu-ray/DVD player, cable/satellite box, and compatible wireless portable devices. More »

ZVOX SoundBase 670 Single Cabinet Surround Sound System - Front and Rear View
ZVOX SoundBase 670 Single Cabinet Surround Sound System - Photo of Front and Rear View. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

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Here is a great idea for Mom that will really like - A home theater sound bar system that is also a platform that you can set TV on top of, provided it has a center stand. The ZVOX SoundBase 670 fills your room with great sound for both movies and music, without the clutter of a lot of speakers. Also, the ZVOX 670 provides a wide sound image using virtual surround processing. The Sound Base 670 provides both analog and both digital optical (Toslink) and coaxial digital audio inputs which makes connecting CD player, Blu-ray/DVD player, and even a VCR easy. You can also stream music content directly from compatible Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and tablets. More »

TV Ears - Voice Clarifying Speaker
TV Ears - Voice Clarifying Speaker. Image Courtesy of

The Voice Clarifying Speaker is a great gift idea for Mom. This product provides a convenient way to amplify dialog and vocal frequencies to make them more understandable, which is sometimes a problem when watching action TV shows and movies.

The system is easy to set-up - just the provided wireless transmitter to a TV (or cable box, satellite box, DVD player or Blu-ray Disc player) that is equipped with either analog or digital optical output connections. Next, place the TV speaker near your seating location (the transmitter has a 50-foot line of sight range), sync the speaker system and transmitter together, and you are set to go.

For added convenience, a headphone connection (headphones not provided) is also provided that is perfect for late night private listening.
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Como Audio Duetto Wireless Music System
Como Audio Duetto Wireless Music System. Image courtesy of Amazon

If Mom likes music, then consider giving her the Como Audio Duetto. This is definitely no ordinary compact audio system. Inside its stylish MDF cabinet, the Duetto houses a 30-watt per channel stereo amplifier, supported by 4-speakers (2 woofers and 2 tweeters) that produce room-filling sound.

However, that is just the start. In addition to a standard FM radio, the Duetto has built-in internet radio and Spotify streaming, as well as Bluetooth (NFC-enabled). Mom can even wireless streaming music stored on her PC or Laptop, if connected on the same network.

The Duetto is even compatible with GoogleCast and AmazonDot.

Another bonus is that the Duetto can also integrate into a wireless multi-room audio system with compatible Como music systems and control them (up to 5) using Como Audio app.

In addition to its wireless streaming options, Mom can also plug in a flash drive into the provided USB port, or even connect other audio players into either the analog or digital optical audio inputs.

For private listening, a mini-jack is provided for headphones.

Another thing about the Duetto is that it is easy to use. It can be controlled either by the provided remote or the smartphone app, but for added support their is a front panel LCD display that not only shows status information, but also displays album art, title, and song running time.

If you are looking for a great music listening gift for Mom that looks as good as it sounds - the Como Audio Duetto is definitely worth consideration. More »

Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control
Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control. Image courtesy of Amazon

With all the devices connected to a home theater setup, controlling it all can get complicated. Save Mom a lot of time sorting through all those remote controls by getting her a universal remote that control it all, such as Logitech Harmony 650.

The remote features great ergonomics with an easy-to-grab and hold attractive silver body, and features both important buttons and an LCD display.

The 650 can replace up to 8 remotes, and can even be programming to perform command sequences that can turn on multiple devices at the same time, put select the desired component or content source.

Programming is easy, just connect the remote to a compatible PC or MAC and the remote will download remote control commands form over 225,000 components from over 5,000 brands. Also, when you add something new, you can update the remote with just a brief connection to your PC/MAC.

For less that $99, this remote is a great value. More »