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Bell'O CW342 Wood TV Stand — Lifestyle Image
Bell'O CW342 Wood TV Stand — Lifestyle Image.

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With all the gadgets we accumulate, one problem is how to put them in your room without making it look like a room full of junk. One idea is a rack, or cabinet, to store or display or those newly purchased home theater components. Also, an attractive stand, rack, or cabinet can give you a way to organize gadgets in a logical fashion and help to organize those "miles" of cable that end up collecting dust, dog and cat hair, and who knows what else. Check out some of our suggestions for home theater and media storage furniture that might be right for you.

Bello WAVS99163 Wood Audio/Video Cabinet
Bello WAVS99163 Wood Audio/Video Cabinet. Image provided by Bell'O

If you want a TV stand/cabinet that is a cut above, check out the Bell'Oo WAVS99163. This cabinet features an Espresso Finish and is large enough to hold most LCD, Plasma, or OLED TVs up to 65-inches in size and weighing up to 150 pounds. In addition, there is enough space to hold from 6-to-9 components and a center channel speaker or soundbar. The tempered black safety glass helps to protect it from kids or pets. A cable management system is also provided.

Bell'O CW349 TV Stan
Bell'O CW349 TV Stan.

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Bello makes great, stylish, home theater furniture. The Bell'O CW349 TV Stand and Audio/Video Cabinet feature a stylish design using wood and black chrome framing, with tempered safety glass shelves. It will hold most flat panel TV up to 55-inches and also can fit 4 or more audio video components, with added space for a center channel speaker. The stand also allows flow through ventilation and features a cable management system, which makes it easier to hide those unsightly connection cables and speaker wires.

Bell'O TP4444 Triple Play Stand With Swivel TV Mount
Bell'O TP4444 Triple Play Stand With Swivel TV Mount.

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Here is an interesting take on TV stands. The TP4444 can hold TVs up to 55-inches in size as long they don't weight more than 125 lbs and it can also accommodate a soundbar or center channel speaker and two additional components. However, the special feature of the TP44444 is its three setup options.

The first option provides for the TV to placed directly on the stand.

A second option allows the provided rear mounting frame and swivel section to be fastened to the stand and TV fastened to the mount and swivel.

A third option allows the rear mount and swivel to be removed from the stand and placed on the wall, allowing the TV to be wall mounted above the stand.

Of course, Bell'O provides a cable management system to help further organize your setup. If you are looking for a TV stand both looks great and provides setup flexibility, check out the Bell'O TP4444 Triple Play Stand With Swivel TV Mount.

LDE LESLIE DAME CDV-500 Series High Capacity Wall Rack
LDE LESLIE DAME CDV-500 Series High Capacity Wall Rack.

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If your CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc collection is cluttering up your home, you need a storage cabinet. The Leslie Dame CDV-500 cabinet features a traditional look and can hold up to 500 CDs, 204 DVDs or Blu-ray discs, or 120 VHS tapes. The shelves can be arranged in any combination to accommodate your collection. The cabinet is available in dark oak. Assembly is required.

Atlantic 38435713 Oskar 756 Media Wall Unit
Atlantic 38435713 Oskar 756 Media Wall Unit.

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Even though many consumers are accessing entertainment from the internet, many of us have collected a lot of CDs, DVDs, and more recently, Blu-ray Discs. To store them all, check out the Atlantic Oskar Media Wall Unit that can hold 756 CDs or 414 Blu-ray Discs, 360 DVDs, or video games in an attractive dark wood finish cabinet. For organizational convenience, the Oskar 756 has 18 adjustable shelves and for extra safety, it also comes with a wall anchor hardware kit to prevent tipping.

Atlin Designs 64
Atlin Designs 64" Large Style Deluxe Media Cabinet.

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If you need lots of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc storage, check out the 64-inch Deluxe Media Cabinet from Atlin Designs.

This cabinet features a black laminate wood finished complemented with solid brushed nickel door handles. The cabinet can be locked with a key (provided) and the shelves are adjustable to meet your storage needs.

This large cabinet can accommodate up to 702 CDs, 448 DVDs, 658 BluRay discs, 357 video games, or 266 VHS tapes.

Altin recommends that the cabinet should be anchored to the wall (hardware provided) for optimum safety.

TEEbooks DVD & CD shelves
TEEbooks DVD & CD shelves.

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If you need storage, but still want to save space, a solution is to attach shelves to the wall.

TEEbooks offers a set of 6 shelves that can be attached to the wall for the storage of up to 336 CDs or 240 DVDs.

Also, once your discs and other items are placed on the shelves, they just blend into your wall.

All mounting hardware is included.

Bush Industries AD44840-03 Midnight Mist Audio Tower
Bush Industries AD44840-03 Midnight Mist Audio Tower. Image provided by Bush Industries

Bush Industries offers a wide variety of TV stands, component racks, and entertainment units that can fit into just about any room decor or room size. One selection is the AD44840-03 Midnight Mist Audio Tower, which provides plenty of space for your home theater receiver, cable box, Blu-ray Disc player or DVD player, and other important components. On interesting feature is that the tempered glass shelves are placed on top of pads the reduce vibration. The tower also features an open design for needed air ventilation, as well as cable management.