Make a Safari Shortcut on Your iPhone or iPod Home Screen

Open Safari links quicker by putting them on your Home Screen

iPhone home screen icons
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The iOS Home Screen contains icons that make it easy to quickly open your favorite apps, and you can do the same thing in the Safari web browser.

Add icons to your favorite websites directly to your iPhone or iPod touch Home Screen so that you can launch them without having to first open Safari.

How to Put Safari Icons on Your Home Screen

  1. Open Safari and navigate to a website that the shortcut icon should launch.
  2. Tap the share button from the middle of the bottom menu.
  3. Scroll over and choose Add to Home Screen.
  4. Name the icon on the Add to Home window.
  5. Tap Add to save the new icon to the iPhone/iPod touch Home Screen.
  6. Safari will minimize and you'll see the new icon next to all your other app icons.

Note: You can hold down on the icon to remove it, as well as move the Safari shortcut anywhere any app can go, such as into new folders or different pages on the Home Screen. 

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