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Strip/Basic Home Office Layout Sample

Strip/Basic Home Office Layout
Layout for Small Rooms Strip/Basic Home Office Layout. C. Roseberry

Create a Functional and Organized Workspace

Tired of working in your home office because it's not working for you? View these examples which utilize a variety of home office furniture arrangements and room shapes.

You aren't working in a cubicle anymore so let your personality and personal preferences to the way you work best guide you in creating your ultimate home office. The best perk of a home office is when the layout isn't working or you just want a change - it's easy to re-arrange your home office without worrying about getting permission from your boss or co-workers.

This is the most simple and basic layout. When space is at a premium, the strip/basic layout is probably the best to start with.

It is the most economical and provides you with the workspace you need to begin working.

It is quite easy to add-on or build upon this layout to create others that you have seen or wish to design later. A strip/basic layout can be used in a variety of spaces especially when sharing living space is required.

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Using a Corner Layout for a Home Office

Corner Home Office Layout Sample
Use Corner Space Wisely Sample Corner Home Office Layout. C. Roseberry

A corner layout works well with square rooms or when you are using part of another room.

One of the important points to keep in mind with a corner layout is the position of any windows. If you happen to be facing a street, you may not wish for anyone and everyone to be able to see you.

Another consideration will be the placement of outlets and phone jacks. While this won't pose serious problems, you don't want to be using a lot of electrical extension cords. Try to arrange your workstation closest to the outlets so that your surge protectors can be plugged directly into them.

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Sample Corridor Home Office Layout

Corridor Home Office Layout
Use long, narrow spaces for your home office Sample Corridor Home Office Layout. C. Roseberry

This long and narrow layout works well for use in long hallways or closets that aren't being used.

The key to successfully using this layout is to remember that there must be a lot of storage space. Since this area could see heavy traffic when you aren't working, it is important to keep things neat and tidy.

Bi-fold doors can be used to enclose the office area when not in use or heavy drapes are another alternative.

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L-Shape Home Office Design

L Shape Home Office Design Sample
Use an L-Shape to Use Your Space Best Sample L Shape Home Office Design. C. Roseberry

An L-shaped home office layout lets you take advantage of available space and is well suited for situations where home office workers are sharing a room.

It provides a large workspace, often you can make it large enough for more than one person to use if need be. You can also adjust the workspace to include storage space and room for all home office equipment.

Make sure you keep track of where electrical outlets and phone jacks are so that they aren't blocked or inaccessible by the desk.

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Use an L Shaped Corridor for a Home Office

L Shaped Corridor Home Office Layout
Take Advantage of All Your Space L Shaped Corridor Home Office Sample Layout. C. Roseberry

L Shaped corridors are common at the top of stairs or on the main floor of some older homes.

A neatly arranged home office can be created using an L Shaped corridor in your home. Use narrow bookcases and a long narrow desk to take best advantage of this space. Leave room for your office chair to be tucked away when not in use.

You may have to add power and phone outlets to ensure that all your office equipment will work properly in this location. Co-ordinated furnishings which tie in with the general decor of the L Shaped corridor will work best.

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Go in Circles in Your Home Office

Sample Home Office Layout in a Round Room
Creative Use for an Unusually Shaped Room Home Office Layout in a Round Room. C. Roseberry

Rooms that are uniquely shaped can provide a creative challenge when designing your home office.

Rooms that have rounded walls can make an impressive home office and provide you with a wonderful view. A room with this kind of unique shape can be designed to include work areas for your computer equipment and reading areas.

Working with a uniquely shaped room may require that you have custom designed furniture for your home office in order to take advantage of the available space and fit with curved walls.

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Sample Home Office - T Shape Layout

T Shaped Home Office Design
Using a T-Shape for More Than One T Shaped Home Office Design. C. Roseberry

This layout is similar to the Basic layout but has more workspace and can be used by more than one person.

This layout is very useful when you have more space and need more space for equipment or work.

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T Shaped Rooms Offer Home Office Potential

T Shaped Room Home Office
Create an Inviting Home Office T Shaped Room Home Office Layout. C. Roseberry

Using a T Shaped room will help you to keep your work and home office organized.

A T Shaped room will provide plenty of room to design a functional home office and space for storage. This shape of this room enables you to have a quiet and private workspace for your home office.

Arrange your home office furnishings in such a way to take advantage of lighting, windows, power outlets and phone jacks.

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Sample U-Shape Home Office Layout

U Shaped Home Office Design
Shared Room Solution Sample U Shaped Home Office. C. Roseberry

This is probably my favourite layout. It provides a great deal of workspace. You can use hutches on different sections for additional storage.

This layout can be used in small or large rooms. Another nice feature is that two people can quite easily share this space and not get in the way of each other.

You can create the basic U-shape with one desk and tables or islands to the sides or there are U-shaped units available from some office furniture stores.

Creating the U-shape with the penninsula, will take a little more work since it does involve more space but if your future plans include having more computers this is quite possibly your best bet.

This layout also works well in shared rooms, it makes the most of space and room for storage without spreading into the other space.

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