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Connecting a Printer to the Network
How to Find Network Printer Name by IP Address
server network illustration
How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 11
Image of a shared folder
How to Fix It When the Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available
A lock in a cloud, representing VPN style security on the internet
What Is a VPN?
A businessman sitting at his desk and talking on his iPhone while looking at his Macbook.
How to Reset Network Settings on Mac
An unlocked lock over a computer network discovery code.
How to Change Your Network From Public to Private
Digital rendering of a smartphone with cellular network data showing above it.
What Are Network Settings?
A man holding a smartphone in his hands with CGI rendering of network settings being reset hovering on top of it.
What Does ‘Reset Network Settings’ Do?
Network device
How to Identify Devices on My Network
A woman sitting at a desk looking at a laptop with a desktop monitor nearby too
How to Increase Internet Speed
Connecting to a wireless network with a smartphone.
What Is a Good Download Speed and Upload Speed?
A group of teenagers sitting down side by side looking at their laptops
What Is a Network?
Green and yellow LED lights on a modem router hybrid device.
What Do the Lights on My Modem Mean?
Connecting a Windows 11 laptop to a network.
How to Connect to a Network in Windows 11
Image of modem cable connections
How to Know if You Need a New Modem
Five different types of modems lined up to show how different they can look
How to Find a Modem's IP Address
Close-Up Of Modem Against White Background
Why Is My Modem Not Working?
A modem sitting on a white surface next to a laptop computer.
Why Does My Modem Keep Resetting?
A computer connected via Ethernet
How to Disable DHCP
A conceptual image of a business man working on a network protected laptop.
What Is an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)?
Two ends of a broadband internet ethernet cable.
What Is Broadband?
Credit cards and a thumb drive sitting on a laptop with a password written on paper.
How to Create a Strong Password
World map showing connections
IPv4 vs. IPv6: What's The Difference?
Wi-Fi 6 written on a blue background
What Is Wi-Fi 6?
Spectrum/Charter internet speed test
Charter/Spectrum Speed Test
Man using bluetooth enabled glasses
What Is Bluetooth? The Ultimate Guide
Arlo Video Doorbell
The 6 Best Home Security Cameras of 2022
A large stack of fluffy, wheat pancakes, topped with a pad of yellow butter and golden maple syrup
What Does the Term 'Scalable' Mean?
Screenshot of a website URL
What Is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?
Daily Life In Tehran - Using VPN to Access Social Media
How to Fix Client and Server-Side VPN Error 800
illustrated lock on a circuitboard
How to Fix a VPN That's Not Connecting
Bonjour Network
Bonjour Network Configuration Services
The Layers of the OSI Model Illustrated
Illustration of a server cluster
What Is a Server?
An Orbi router's SSID
What Is a Service Set Identifier (SSID)?
An image of a woman pressing a virtual lock button.
How to Set Up a VPN on Mac
Two hands shaking overlaid with a business network concept
How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 11
Image of binary code
What Is Binary Code and How Does It Work?
Cityscape superimposed with network nodes represented by bright lights and lines
What Is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?
ISDN - Telephone, keyboard, cable and bandwidth
What Is Frame Relay Packet-Switching?
Keyboard with fingerprint on it.
How to Use the Chrome Password Manager
Chicken of the VNC app on iMac screen
What Is Virtual Network Computing (VNC)?
An IT analyst looks at two computer screens.
What Does SNMP Mean?
Ethernet network cables plugged into a modem
Kilobit - Megabit - Gigabit
Technician installing fiber optic cable outside a busy office building
What Is Fiber Optic Cable?
Network Cables in Server Room
Introduction to Information Technology (IT)
What are VLANs helpful with?
What Is a Virtual LAN (VLAN)?
Wi-fi area
The 5 Best Ways to Get Free Internet in 2023
Logitech Wireless Mouse
How to Update Your Logitech Unifying Receiver
How to Fix VPN Error 619
A shopper using contactless payment
What Is Infrared Networking and How Does It Work?
Person working in a server room
What Is a Data Center?
Dish antenna at night with bulbs glowing in background resembling population.
VPN and Satellite Internet Service Compatibility
Illuminated server room panel
What Is a Switch?
Linksys Firmware Update (WRT54GS) screenshot
Have You Tried DD-WRT Firmware?
close up of a Router with a plant on top of it
Why Is My Internet So Slow? What Can I Do to Fix It?
Man in plaid shirt at laptop, staring out window
CIDR: Classless Inter-Domain Routing
Wi-Fi wireless internet router on dark background
How to Set Up PPPoE Internet Access
Logging into a network
What Is a Network Security Key and How Do You Find It?